Sunday, September 20, 2009


Labor Day weekend is usually a crazy time for us because there are SOOOOOO many birthday days. Well, this year my Dad turned 60 & my brother turned 30! Not to mention my nieces' birthday & our anniversery (5 years!!!!). Needless to say there was alot to celebrate.
My Mom worked really hard to have all of get together to surprise my dad for the weekend. It was an amazing feat, but ended up out doing herself! She even surprised us all with getting Baby Izzy & Natasha to come down as well. ( My niece who was just bornt) We were so excited to finally meet her. The girls were in LOVE with Izzy & so fascinated with everything about her. It was a wonderful weekend. And for my parents, I know it meant alot. They had all 7 grandkids underone roof ( and us too). It was pure Heaven ( ok, chaos!) but so much fun!

More to come, especially now that my computer is working & blogger is being friendly :) But for now, I need some sleep...... but just in case you want a sneak peek of what's going on........

Stop! Don't tell them........It's a secret!

Oops, can you guess?