Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!1!!!!

Here are a few of the pictures from tonight. Beau is off on a business trip tomorrow for a week so tomorrow I should have a bunch of pictures & video for you. I can tell you though, I would not have made it without Emily today and thank God this is only once a year! Over an hour of trick-or-treating and only 5 houses with candy! (it did take almost 15 minutes per house to get to do to "traffic control" if you know what I mean!)
Another house where noone was home......

Isn't this the candy for the trick-or-treaters? Yeah, so!?!?! First come, first serve! I won't tell if you don't!

My fairy angels.......

One of the very, very rare times all were together.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend fun

We had such a great time with my parents here. The girls LOVE their Noni & Pop-pop. THey are still asking for them. We did take them to the pumpkin patch with our local moms of multiples group, PAMOM. And even out to lunch. Here are some fun photos from the weekend. Oh, Pop-pop helped Beau put together their birthday present from Aunt Joy & Dana. They LOVE it!
We gave up a long time ago of having all of them looking at the camera. We're just glad we can get everyone in the same frame!

I just LOVE this picture of Beau with JuJu & River. It is just so sweet.
You should see the mess on the floor!

I'm telling you Pop-Pop, seriously, she has the stinky! I guess after being called a "flower child" that I'd have some of my own.

Ready, Set, Go!
Need I say more? This is just a part of my day. ( Before the comments come piling in, I usually belt them in, but it was a bit crazy that day, and happens)

It took minutes for them to figure out how to crawl and climb all over it.
We miss you Noni & Pop-Pop! See ya soon.

Friday, October 24, 2008

A year ago today........

In case you wanted to know what life looked like a year ago:

The warm-up exercise equipment that prepared the girls for the Eezy Peezy.
Saturday tail-gaiting with Dada. Cheese!

Have you seen anything cuter? Me either!
The girls continue to impress us with their sheer intelligence. THey are starting to count and River & Skye can name all of the pictures in 2 of their books. Rayne is right behind them and JuJu is also starting to name & sign a few of the pictures too. Of course, she can find ALL Elmo's.
Noni & Pop-Pop are on their way up for a fun weekend. Oops, they are here now! Bye

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Frog, Froggy~ REALLY!

Hello again!

So many updates, so little time! The girls were finally over there colds, but they seem to be returning or at least allergies. Beau survived a weekend alone with the girls. I think he was really glad I booked Emily an extra day. Yep, I took off to Chicago! I had such a great time and have a whole bunch of new friends. I met up with a bunch of MOMs from the QQS group from MOST (Moms of SuperTwins). They meet every year and this year I got to go. What is QQS? Quads, Quints, Sextuplets. We added it up and for the 7 of us there, we had 35 kids between us! Next year is in New York and I told Beau I'm going.
The girls are getting so big and are starting to say sentences! Yes, sentences!
"wha' happn?" "see you soon". New words are clothes, bath, jacket, frog, and way too many to list!
River's favorite word & sign: EAT, EAT! Hungry!
0-60 is less than 4 seconds. One second per kid. That is all it takes for this much destruction (much of which is NOT in the picture). German engineering has nothing on us! Oh, wait, Beau's family is German! Hmm....
River & JuJu learning a new skill with Ms. Sheila at Kindermusik.
Playdate with BOYS! The girls had their first playdate with the Sattler twins. It went really well, but their was a little confusion on whose sippy was whose.
JuJu had to show the boys exactly how it is down on the Eezy Peezy!
Skye helping JuJu (though I'm not so sure she really wanted it!)
They sat stumped by plot twist......hmmmm, what do you think?
Storytime with Daddy. They're listening, really!
Yeah, I'm working these shoes! She may think they are her's, but I'm thinking not! Just in case you wanted to see what the majority of the day really looks like! (and before you say anything, we are getting that well secured! or removed if I can find anymore space in the non-baby zone).

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Emily!!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Emily! May you be blessed with a great hair day and a fabulous shoe sale!!!! Love ya, River, Rayne, JuJu & Skye

The girls LOVE apples. It is one of their favorite things to ask for, sign for, whine for, ect. So today, on their 23month birthday, I decided to be different and I gave them a whole apple. They LOVED it. They each ate about 2/3's of their apples. Now, I won't lie. It was a mess and I'm still picking up chewed off apple skins on the floor. But, the important part was they loved it, had fun and we got to have a new experience. Smile.

The girls were finally well on a Monday to go to Kindermusik again. Today was alot of fun, but since the last time we went, JuJu went from crawling to walking during the whole class. It was so wonderful to see. Someone also brought in their newborn and my girls were so fasinated by this. JuJu kept wanting to touch the baby and the look on her face and the smile she gave to the mama just melted my heart.
Rayne danced her little heart out during class and River has decided that sitting with Aunt Liz gets her one-on-one with an adult with little to no share-ez. She loves that. JuJu, Skye & Rayne just fight over whatever space they can get on my lap. Isn't it nice to be loved?

I'm glad you got bloomers on especially if you plan on climbing to the top! Good thing your mama dresses you right!
Hey, do you think I can climb up there too????

The girls haven't mastered it yet, but they are attempting to climb into the beds. Not because they are tired, oh NO! It is so we can jump and carry on like monkeys! Again, smile......

THis is them looking after throwing everything out of the cribs so they have more jumping room. I swear this will entertain them for a good 30minutes!
I couldn't resist how cute they look in these two pictures.
Rayne kept stepping on River to get her to laugh. It is so fun watching them bond and play together now.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

After the game........

Go Longhorns!!!!!

Today was the big Red River Rivalry, Longhorns vs. Oklahoma University. Since Beau is a Longhorn, the girls dressed up for his team today & they won! 45 to 35!!!!! (Don't worry, they still had on their purple & gold! THey wore the GEAUX TIGERS bloomers on underneath) . It also knocked out OU as the #1 team, which as an LSU fan is a wonderful thing. The Tigers play tonight. Enjoy the pics of the girls with their Daddy. They have so enjoyed having him back home. I have a ton of pics & videos to show also and some fun updates. Stay tuned!
I'm calling everyone to let them know Texas won!

No, I said extra cheese!
Make sure they bring cookies too!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Daddy's home

Beau made it home ok on Sat, but he is still adjusting to the time zone changes. The girls have been soooo excited to have their Daddy home. They have been just loving on him. Beau is enjoying that alot. Thanks to everyone for all of the kind comments while he was away and to the pictures and videos.
Hey Noni, the hat still fits.

Our future gardner practicing water her roses.
Yes, there is a baby under there. Don't we all wish we could just take a moment like that?!?!?!
WHat happened? What did I miss?
The one with the most headbands, wins!
LuLu & JuJu. They are now very good friends!
A flashback to a year ago. They have grown so much. I still can't believe they will be 2 next month!!! EEK!