Thursday, June 25, 2009

Things we've been up to....

Becoming butterflies & dancing all around.
Grocery Shopping! The new store that just opened has little mini-carts. The girls LOVE them! We went really early so the girls had the store almost to themselves.

I wonder if that really is a good price? Hmmmm, I guess I should get FOUR!

Here is a pic of all of finds. Yes, Rayne is still in her sweater despite it being a 100 degrees! JuJu was at therapy when we went this time, but the girls shared with her once she was back in the car.
Fresh bananas are the best.

On Saturday, we hit the Farmer's Market. Oh what fun! The girls really enjoyed all of the flowers and free samples. Watermelon was the first offering and River will forever be a fan favorite.

Hey, Mom-you did buy the watermelon right? And the blueberries, peaches, corn, oranges, and bananas?
Oh, are there more samples!

If you ever get a chance, I highly recommend going to your local farmer's market.

Fridays the girls have Little Gym with Mr. Travis. The girls LOVE going and I have even caught them jumping on the couch chanting "jumping, jumping! See u soon Mr. Travis". It was so cute!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Friday Afternoon with Ms. Emily

The girls decided to help Ms. Emily get ready for her evening out. Of course, it became a party even before the bathroom door with all of the fun stuff in it was opened.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh what a day!

So what could make four girls look so anxiously out a window? A boy? Daddy? Pretty flowers? Presents? No... A BUNNY!!!!! The girls were so excited. Begging to go out to see "bunneeee". I don't have to tell you how long he stayed around as soon as the door opened. He was out of there before you could say boo! Last week we had some horrible storms come thru and we were left with this. It has made playing out back a bit more adventuresome for me. The girls kept asking "wha happ-in?" "uh-oh....brokin" They then proceeded to yell up & down the alley for the bunneeeee. So today we got out! One of the MOMS in our local Moms of Multiples group, PAMOM, invited the girls to a Finger Painting Party! Amanda has two beautiful daughters and a gorgeous home. The girls had an absolute blast. Amanda even has the recipe to the paint on this blog, her cooking blog. This is Amanda putting some of the paint in the bowls she had stapled next to each piece of paper for the girls to paint on. GENIUS! I'm telling you, she had this SO organized and well thought out. I was in awe! And of course the girls LOVED it. Well, River, Rayne, & JuJu really loved it. Skye prefers a different media. She prefers coloring or pencil drawing. She can then be more precise & it is not so "dur-teee". She did get into by the end. JuJu & Rayne getting creating their masterpieces. Today was another first. Courtney! Courtney is one of our teenage neighbors who came to help out today. She was a godsend & the girls really enjoyed her. And I don't know if I would have made the day without her! Seriously, this was only part one of the day! (Before you wonder, Emily is busy on Thurs. she will be back here tomorrow). Rayne--Why are you taking all of these pictures? JuJu.... Hmmmm I wonder if I can paint the grass? River--Hmm... Do they have a different color than what I have? I wonder if that will mix well with the one I got? The other big attraction was this awesome sandbox! The girls thought it was the best! Do you see all of the kids? Amanda invited 2 sets of quads, a set of trips, 3 sets of twins---and those were the ones there! Did I tell you she was amazing? Now that is a super MOM! A rare picture of all FOUR in it! River still making sure of what everyone else is doing. Now onto PART 2 of the day! JuJu's auditory impairment instructor, Alexis, had a family picnic for all the families she sees to have a meet & greet. It was really wonderful & I did get to meet several people. ( At one time, JuJu was being considered for cochlear implants and was wearing hearing aides all the time-or the amount of time she would leave them in!). Again, because of Courtney, we were able to make it. Beau was unable to come because of work and I needed the extra hands at a park. The girls had an awesome time & we literally had to drag/carry them back to the car. And that was at 10 minutes PAST their bedtime! Skye really loved this bouncy horse. I think she loved that she could get on it by herself mostly and she could control it. River, QUEEN of the SLIDES.. She went down every slide, again & again & again. It didn't matter how big or tall it was, she was doing it! This is one of the little ones. Courtney with all the little ducklin's following her. Too cute! Super JuJu! This little boy had to come up & imitate her. She had been doing this off and on for awhile. I was just glad she didn't do the flip-over she does at Little Gym. Rayne has to wear her sweater everywhere. And yes it was a 100 degrees today. I was able to convince her to take it off, BUT she carried it everywhere adn would not put it down. It is kinda cute. Really glad I bought the same sweaters in several sizes when they went on clearance. Sheesh! The race to the top! Skye & JuJu. I know her PT will be proud. ha!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Our little roadtrip!

On Friday the girls, Emily and I headed down to my parents for the weekend. It was so much fun. THe girls were so excited to see Noni & Pop-pop. I am amazed (and very blessed) at how well they will now travel on roadtrips. They LOVE to just GO!
Here are the girls holding hands in their excitement & show of sisterly love. Isn't it just too cute?

Of course, the first thing the girls had to do was to head to the pool. So after blowing up 8 water wings, LOTS of sunscreen, they were off.
Here is a picture of Ms. Emily with the girls. She was the biggest help over the weekend.
I was glad to have gotten this picture because it was the ONLY time they sat still for a picture. River was jumping into the pool by the end of the weekend. It was so cute to watch her very serious face and then just as she would jump, the biggest smile would come across her face. Skye was a bit more low-key, but like River, all you heard was "I do it" "no hold". JuJu continues to be my crazy baby. She was swimming all over the place adn the more she could splash & bug her sisters, the bigger her smile & laugh got. Now, Princess Rockstar (aka Rayne), took a while to warm up to the pool, but she definitely wasn't crazy about getting her hair wet.

I was so excited to find each of the girls a pool towel in their color for a $1 each in the Target dollar bins. They are one of my favorite places to shop. Not to mention, don't they just make fo the cutest picture?
Pop-Pop & his girls.
THis is from my Dad's artichoke plant. I never knew how gorgeous they were. This is the first year my Dad planted one and it was so cool to see ( and delicious). He only plants things that produce something edible.
Here is some of Mom's amazingly beautiful pottery. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blue set she has done. The blue set with the dragonfly's are gorgeous.

Here is anothe pic that I took that I thought was just cool! Noni & Pop-pop at her gallery opening in Houston. She has work now in so many galleries. I'm so proud of her & it was so nice to be there for the opening night.

Monday, June 8, 2009

A day at the park......

The girls got to enjoy a beautiful morning at the park the other day. You can see the excitement as they took off once they were freed from the car.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miscellaneous Pictures & stuff.

I got the girls some new "furniture". It has been a perfect place to chill, share ideas, have conferences and oh, yeah--- the whole "i-was-here-first/she's-touching me " battles have begun. (Hence why we have TWO of these instead of the orginal plan of one!)
Hmm... Hi River, Can I take that?
River- I'm going to keep pretending she is not in my face.
I don't know what all the fuss is about these Disney princesses is. I have much better hair than her, but I love the updo. Hmm... I wonder who her stylist is?
Now this is some fabulous, classic literature.
JuJu- Ya know Daddy, we will be breaking this again by the end of the day. Don't you just want to save yourself the time & just let me in now?

Ok, so Rayne, it started out "twinkle, twinkle little star"? Why not big star?
River, its a classic, silly! Just go with it. Relax. Chill.
Skye dancing and twirling to her morning Sprout (cable tv channel that plays all PBS kid shows).

These two have begun quite the "buds". They sit together to watch alot of their shows and will even save a place for the other. ( they will even guard it with force if necessary)
JuJu using the poor rocking horse for illegal activities. Can you believe that was mine as a kid? I won't tell you how old it is, lets just say it has seen a few decades.

This is the new game: how many ways to torture our mommy (yeah ME!). If you look close you can see she is pulling my hair. Horsey rides are a new favorite.

Hellooo Mommeeee!

Skye chillin' with some light reading.

Tada! River showing off one of her latest dance moves. She LOVES to dance! She is even now refusing to wear her pajamas to bed so she can wear her dress because it is better for dancing. (videos to come, I promise!)
So, how do I look?

River, Rayne & me.
A rare moment, all four in the frame! Woohoo! The girls are still doing Little Gym this summer and I think they have a crush on the new instructor-Mr. Travis. (Ok, River mostly. Seriously, it is hysterical to watch.)
River doing her best Punky Brewster imitation. She had to wear those bracelet/beads ALL day!

(should I tell her its a loosing battle? There WILL be MORE pictures!)

Look for some backyard & outdoor adventures soon. (and yes there will be LOTS of pics & video).