Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fashion Statements & Bubble Baths

Rayne decided to make a fashion statement today. All I can say is look out Project Runway!!!!
Yes, those are yellow/pink sandals with leopard print pants with a multi-colored, polka-dot rain coat!
Did you see what she is wearing??? There is NO WAY I'd wear that!

Splish-splash we're taking a bath!

Did you see the mess we made out of mom's bathroom! HAHAHAHAH, Don't think she'll be getting in that tub again!

They aren't kidding--It is a mess! But they had alot of fun. River will even lay on her tummy and say "I'm swimming!" And then when she gets up say "Mask on" with all of the bubbles on her face. They are getting just too smart!

Monday, March 30, 2009

March of Dimes

As parents of preemies, the March of Dimes is dear to our heart. The advances that have been made for premature babies and support for their families I will always be greatful for. I know that if it wasn't for many of these advances and the AMAZING doctors, nurses, & therapist, I might not have brought home my four amazing little angels. While I'm not an embassador for the March of Dimes, several of my friends are. I know times are tough, but if you could help them out would be great. Some of just a few of the teams I know of are: Gerwer Quads , Wells Quints, Schirano Triplets, Tubre Quads, Wilke Quads.

Here is alittle montage of our journey in the NICU. The girls were born at 30 weeks, we were hoping for 34. Some things are just not under your control. We were told of the roller coaster that the NICU could be, and it WAS! We had many of the typical events, but by day 7 ALL of the girls were on room air and had clear head scans! WOOHOO, we thought we were in the clear and just needed them to grow & master the feedings. WRONG! On day 10, it all took a nose dive with JuJu with a MRSA infection. There is no words to ever describe watching your child crash in front of you & watch them intubate, nor to help hold your child while putting in IV's, and signing papers for blood transfusions and God knows what else.

I'm writing all of this not for a "pity me", but to let you know how far the girls have come and to say THANK YOU to all of those who helped us get where we are! Friends & Family who were there (and still here), there aren't enough words. Also, because in the last few weeks I have come across more "comments" that don't need to be repeated about the girls, high-order multiples, ect. I also know many other MOMs (moms of multiples) who have also been dealing with this. The fact is THEY ARE CHILDREN! OUR CHILDREN!!!! And we love them and would do it all over again and more to have them with us.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Calming down........

This was taken awhile back, but if you ever come over, you will see this in play. Before you ask, the effect is less than 2 nano seconds! Though, Cinderella has a much longer effect and am VERY grateful at the moment for it! We just got in from helping Beau with the yard (or as helpful as 4-2y/o's & me could be) and a rambunctious bubble bath, so the girls are relaxing while I get dinner ready.

Last year we were celebrating Easter with my parents at their house. The girls were having the first real outing on the grass. It was pretty funny.
My babies! This is one of my favorite pictures of them. They LOVED their bottles!!!!
This was exactly TWO years ago! My how time flies! I think these bumbos are now onto their 3rd family. We didn't use them for long, but they were worth every penny for us!

How naptime took place 2 years ago. It was also our sensory-play-tummy time!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Spring weekend!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Spring day at the Arboretum

I took the girls this week to the Dallas Blooms in hopes of getting the perfect picture of all four of them dressed up and happy. Of course reality was much different! Oh, well!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Sunshine, warm weather, and .......

The weather has been gorgeous the last couple of days, so I let the girls loose again out back fully knowing that it would be a mess! They LOVED it! And of course it had to be followed with a bubble bath & cookies. Here are some of the fun shots of the day.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A mid-day slumber party

I noticed before lunch I was missing two, and found Skye & JuJu laying by the front door. They had both taken pillows & blankets and were all comfy and snuggled in. Of course, I had to take pics!
Skye's opinion of my picture taking which brought the other two running to the hideaway.
JuJu desperate for a blanket used a bathmat.
The reason JuJu was using a bathmat! JuJu originally had Rayne's blanket, but..... when Rayne walked up she quickly took it back, which started an INSTANT tantrum! River (who is really sweet~more on that later) ran and got JuJu the first "blanket" she could find-AKA the bathmat. As you can see here, while all of this chaos was going on, Rayne celebrated her victory in getting her blanket & a pre-set-up nap space!

River showing off her own blanket while JuJu was still having a tantrum on the floor.
The girls are really starting to interact in such amazing ways. Most of the time I feel like an intruder spying on this special little band of angels who is blessed to be included.
The other day Rayne & JuJu were playing with the door. They open & close it saying hello/goodbye over and over and over again. You get the idea. Well, it was only a matter of time when one of them got hurt. So JuJu got her hand caught in the door (not seriously, I have protectors on the door so it can't shut all the way). Before I could get over the babygate ( i was getting lunch ready), River & Skye went flying down the hall to her, yelling JuJu crying!
As soon as I got there & picked her up ( quick look, no blood, no broken bones or skin or obvious contusions), River & Skye were grabbing JuJu's blanket out of her crib for her & help me put it around JuJu. River went and got her blanket for JuJu & Skye got a stuffed bunny. Rayne handed her a book. I was so proud and amazed at my girls and how quickly they rallied around her at that moment. I knew right then, that no matter what happens, they will ALWAYS be there for each other and truly give the shirt off their back to the one in need. They even stood around and help to rub her back as I was doing until she was calmed down.
Of course, within in 10minutes they were back to being normal 2 year olds & I was looking at the clock hoping nap time was really soon!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What we've been up too

It seems forever since I have actually updated the blog. It has been crazy busy despite all of the rain (that was very much needed!). Needless to say, we have needed to find ways to entertain FOUR 28month olds! Yes, we are rapidly approaching the halfway mard of the two's! Though, I have been warned of the threes, hmmm. Here is a sweet picture of JuJu. You would never know the chaos & drama that occured after this. She is one of my biggest food throwers. But doesn't she just look like an angel here? (even if the horns are holding up the halo??? I should know, I believe I was told that often growing up too, hehhehe) So to escape being cooped up, we took the girls to the mall again to play. I love these sweaters on them!
JuJu looking for something new to climb.
Skye is always looking things over. She is such my little organizer. She now even puts all of her bears in a row in her bed at night with her. She is even now taking one bear to go and "kiss" all of the other bears. It is soooo sweet to watch!
River still maintains her position as boss. Trust me, she WILL tell you AND if you have any doubt, she WILL order you around! And we have now noticed it is not limited to me, her dad or her sisters! You have been warned! Though she gives amazing hugs, and LOVES to snuggle early in the morning and right before bed. what can I say, she is a "mini-me" of ME!
Rayne is still my sweetie. She is also my stealth bomber still. She can sneak up & get things before you even realize she was there. She has also gotten really good at setting up her sisters and when "it" hits the fan, she will be standing there with THE most innocent look, going "la-la-la-la". Again, the halo is held up by the horns!
"Hey, Wiver, do you see those shoes? Look at that red balloon with those letters S-A-L-E!" "Yeah, whatever, it is cold, rainy,& mom has us in this plastic polka-dot get up!" "well, IT IS from this year's Spring collection! You HAVE to wear clothes sometime!"
Skye letting me know what she thinks of the dinner selection of the evening!
(Beau entertaing the girls.)
What do you have in the bag daddy? Let me see! Let me see! Let me see!
Beau took each of the girls for a ride in the big bag. Three out of four LOVED it and begged for more!
Rivr showing her pure joy of the event. Beau has also started reading the girls poems everynight after we put them in their cribs. we have found this way we really can read to them & it is not a battle for the lap or control of the book. Well by the third night, it was DEMANDED that "poems" be read. Skye & River read their own books, but listen, while JuJu tries to escape to get control of the book & Daddy's lap! Oh, and we have thankfully, had minimal escapes from our little gymnast!
I couldn't resist how cute these were. Skye had to wear these all day. She had to have her slippers on. How cute!
Well, yesterday the sun finally came back out again and we got out! THANK YOU MISS EMILY!!!!! She came over on her day off and we took the girls to this little area that reminds me something of Greenich Village or a very modern European neighborhood. So we put the girls on their leashes, I mean their backpacks & walking we went! Of course we had to stop and get some pastries and the little outdoor cafe. Look at what big girls they are--No booster & No highchair!!!! Woohoo, a part of life just got alittle simplier!

Right by the area with the cafe & lots of cute (but very pricey shops) is alittle pond with a huge fountain & some ducks. The girls were fascinated with it! Thank God I had their "backpacks" on them, or Skye would have had a few dips in the water. She was sooooo determined! Even with that she still almost went in head first! Funny things on our adventure were Skye & JuJu using the walking ramps & walls as if they were fancy Little Gym apparatuses. JuJu used the rails on the ramp as a swinging bar, yelling "weee" and Sky walked on the side walls of the ramp as if it was a balance beam and jumped off at the end going "weee, yeah!". Of course, since we hadn't been out in awhile like that in public, I forgot how many questions & looks you have to field. But we did run into this wonderful family with twin boys. Their dad Ivan, wanted to get pictures of all of the kids together. They are the cutest little boys, Filp & Stefan. It was so nice to meet ya'll!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Here is a montage of Sunday afternoon. The girls had a blast and my bathtub may never recover! I have to thank my Mom who taught me that it is more important to explore and have fun than to worry how much a mess is made. The mess can always be cleaned up, but the opportunety might not.

I promise to write alot more of what the girls are really up to soon! The girls love these montages! Seriously, I end up watching each one of the ones I've made everyday at least 3x's!

Friday, March 6, 2009

A day out with the girls

The girls were feeling alittle better today so we took off to the mall for some shoe shopping. And since everyone was looking cute, I tried to get some group shots.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

One of these kids is not like the others!

I guess this is her way of telling me she isn't happy with the menu selection?!?!?