Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bye, bye diaper table.

With toddlers I am learning that everything has to be looked at as a possible weapon or way to create harm. Yesterday morning I was telling Beau that I don't think the diaper changing table in the den is going to last much longer because of the way the girls want to climb on everything. Well, 3 hours later....

TA DA!!!!

The changing table is now moved to the safe zone (aka the guest bedroom/girls closet). We still have the changing table that is in their room and so far it is working with just one "station". I'm sure by the end of the week something else will have to be moved or reconfigured. Besides the changing table this week, we have had to move pictures from the wall because they can now reach and an area in the kitchen has had to be changed because of some very long arms with sticky fingers!!!
Here is Skye looking cute (as usual)
Don't we all wish we could wake up and look this good??
JuJu has gotten very resourceful in her need to climb. This time she used Daddy's arm.
After climbing up, Rayne rewarded JuJu with sharing her bottle. (yes we are working on getting rid of those)
I just couldn't resist how cute this was! The girls really do love their books. At times they literally devour it! Brown Bear, Brown Bear is one of absolute favorites.

JuJu looking so sweet (right before an attack of some sort).

My little nurturer of the bunch.

The girls have all been pretty good considered 3 of the 4 have double ear infections, all have very running noses, and we've been to the doctors more in the last 2 weeks, than we have since last Nov!!! That doesn't count how many times we have called on Aunt Liz for a quick check. I cannot thank her enough for her help. (She's a pediatrician and lives 5minutes from the house. And yes, I really do thank God everyday for that).

I want to thank all of you who have been leaving comments or emailed me. I'm really glad you are enjoying the pictures and updates.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day (mostly just pics from the day)

River taking care of Daddy with JuJu's help.

Elmo's World! My Favorite! So glad we got here early for the good seats! Oh, the late nights are really are rough........ What was in that bottle??
I swear I didn't do it..., though I migt have thought of doing it...... Yeah, I'm cute! Hellloooooooo!!!!!!!! You can't ignore me!!!!!!

The inmates are storming the gate! (this only happens at least 5x's a day!!!!)

Daddy with JuJu & Skye

A woman on a mission!

All dressed up....

This is a typical morning with the girls. They have discovered shoes! And now that they know having shoes on means getting to go out, they now LOVE to get their shoes on! JuJu has her back to the camera, but you can actually see all of her blonde curls. She definitely did NOT get those from me. Those are all from her Daddy!

Here is Skye paying homage to the TV gods. She truly lives for Elmo. The first thing she does every morning is look for the remote and try to turn on the TV and look for Elmo. And once he is on, she dances to the music. Though she will watch most things, but Elmo is the favorite.

This is a rare moment when you can actually get a picture with all 4 in it and it wasn't a major event to accomplish it and they all look so cute! I got the dresses for them in some funky shop down in Rockport with Noni (my mom)on a weekend getaway. Oh, the memories.......I actually finished a cup of coffee while it was still warm.

While looking thru pictures, I realized it was a year ago today that we had the girls baptized. They look so beautiful in their Christening gowns. It was such a wonderful ceremony.

This was taken in the Church by the fountain where they were baptized.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm taking the blogging plunge!

I've decided to jump into the world of blogging. I hope that this will help to keep everyone updated on the girls and with life in a "day care gone bad" (otherwise known as our life with 18month quads). Actually, River, Rayne, Julianne (aka JuJu) and Skye have been the biggest blessings in my life next to their dad, Beau! I truely cannot imagine life without them. And it all began with a blind date 6 years ago! Who knew??
As for the girls, they just had their 18month check-up and have been so healthy they don't have to go back for 6months!!! (Except they have now decided to have ear infection, snotty noses, and bark like a bunch of seals...... and of course, keep me up all night!)

For the latest stats on the girls:

River is now 32" tall & weighs 24.4lbs (at birth 3lb 1 oz)
Rayne is 32" tall & 23.5lbs (3lb 7 oz)
JuJu is 31" & 22.2lbs (3lb 1 oz)
SKye is 29.75" & 19.4lbs (2lb 13oz

River, Rayne & Skye hit all the milestones on the 18month checklist. The doctor was very impressed and happy on their growth.

JuJu continues to have delays, but her growth and accomplishments the last 6months have been phenomonal! The neurologists even said she has done so well that there is no need for another MRI or testing at this point and he didn't need to see her for a WHOLE YEAR!!!!!! (For those who may not know, right after birth JuJu got a very bad staph infection, MRSA, that left her with a stroke that has affect her left side and hearing damage known as Auditory Neuropathy. She wears hearing aides when she & her sisters leave them alone!)

Our Bathing Beauties!
River, Skye, Rayne & JuJu getting ready for swim lessons.

For those of you who may not have seen these, here is a link to some pics and video of the girls: