Monday, November 30, 2009

DESIGNED FOR BABIES is now open!!!!!!! (sneak peak of some cute models too!!!!)

One of my extremely hardworking, dedicated, and downright fabulous fellow quad mommas and friend, Casey Gerwer, has put her creativity and drive to work and started an online business. Tomorrow on Cyber Monday will be open!!!

Check out their gear for Moms, Dads, babies, kiddos, expecting moms and grandparents! They also have custom diaper bags/handbags, developmental toys and much much more! I know we will be ordering some Christmas goodies from the easy to use site!


The Girls even got to be apart of the business by modeling some of the shirts that will be offered by DESIGNED FOR BABIES!
Rayne showing off her runway technique, all the while safely guarding her new lollipop!
Water, water everywhere! The location for the modeling shoot was at one of our favorite places to walk, so the Girls had to go look in the water for the "big, orange fishies". It is at the Shops of Legacy.
Our models chillin' after a hard photo shoot.
Yep, that was hard work! I hear the Christmas photo session she has us booked for is even crazier!

ps. sneak peak at Betsy Marie Photography for some of the Christmas photos... scroll down on the link & you will see the girls. The black & white is one of my favorites!!!! Can't wait to see the rest! Betsy also did the photography for Designed For Babies

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Birthday Party

The Birthday PAAAARRRTYYYY!!!!


The party went so much better than I could have ever hoped. The girls, their friends and even the parents all seemed to have a wonderful time. Again, I couldn't have done it without the help & support of my mom, Beau, Emily and my quadmamas. Watching the expressions of delight on each of their faces during the party already has me thinking of their next one. So now you know when & where the party was (previous posts), here are the photos from it finally!

While we were setting up Ms. Courtney came to visit us before she went to cheer. The girls adore her!
Ms. Rayne

Noni giving Skye a hand.

Mr. Cuteness! Isn't that the most precious smile?
The Hickey Triplets. Candace and I were pregnant at the same time and have gone thru the adventures of having multiples together.
The Steece's Pieces. Suz is one of the quadmama's and one of the sweetest people I know. They came all the way from Ft. Worth to join in the fun!
THe Sattler boys. Heartbreakers in the making! Kelly & I met at PAMOM on our first night there & have been friends ever since. She is one person who can always make me smile. And her boys are ALL boys! It is so fun to see!
Ms. River climging away. Suzanne & Marcy, in the background, came to see the girls in action after hearing all of the stories from Beau at work.

One of the many activites that had for the kiddos.

Can you believe all of those kids? Crazy! But so much fun. Oh, and the lady standing in the back, that is Beverly my college roomate. She came with her 2 beautiful daughters.
Cupcakes & ice there anything better? From the look on Andrew, he enjoyed them too!
Lucia and her mom come to class with us every Friday and it was so fun having them at the party with us!
Skye sitting with all of the boys.
After the party at Little Gym, we headed home to feed the Birthday girls something besides sweets.

One lesson learned during the continued celebrations at the house..... turn off the fan before you let go of the balloons. Oops! Hey, its not really a party till something is broken right? (well, in our case it was several, but who's counting?)
Aunt Liz helping the girls with some of the many, many, MANY presents the girls got. Everyone was so generous and we are truly grateful!
The girls opening their present from Daddy the day after. A rare moment indeed, all four sitting nicely together and even, more rare...playing together nicely for more than 2 minutes!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Birthday DAY

The Girls' birhtday started out with a dash across the hall to go see NONI! She arrived the night before to spend the weekend and celebrate with us.

Of course, Noni loved being surrounded by her "quaddies" and the girls LOVED getting into the guest room & jumping on the bed while she was still in it. So after a quick cup of coffee and some pancakes for everyone, we took off to Little Gym!

TA DA! I'm THREE years old! Can you believe it? I can't!

Even Noni got into the action. Noni has not missed one birthday with the girls yet. She even arrived at the hospital only a few hours after they were born. Having MY Mom be a huge part of the life of my girls means so much to me. Beau & I truly would not have survived those first few months without her! Or my Dad for his support in letting her be with us all those weeks! THANK YOU NONI & POP POP!!!!
It made the day extra special for all of us having her here!

I'm going to party ALL DAY LONG!!!!! WOOHOOO!!!

Hmm..... where should we do lunch? It is OUR birthday. Do you think we need reservations?
We went to "moleeeeee"! Was there any doubt????? ( For those new to the blog, that would be BLUE GOOSE Resturant. It is known as moleee, short for guacamoleeeee)

Well, now that I'm three , I'm going to use the knife too!

Me & Monkey (aka Skye Monkey Princess)


Lunch was fun and the girls enjoyed having Noni AND Daddy join in the queso & guac. Did you notice the shirts? I was so excited to find them. AND FOUR of them! It is not as easy as it would seem.....

The girls were so cute ALL day saying "it's my birthday! where's my party? Will we get cake?" It didn't help when they went with us to Party City to get more supplies. I had a mild panic that there would not be enough decorations. (Did I mention that I was at Walmart and Target until they closed the night before still trying to put the party together? HA! and still felt the need for more? I guess that's what happens when you literally wait to the last minute!) Anyhoo......
It took forever to get them down for nap, but once they finally went to sleep Noni and I went to work to get things ready. Party favors, snacks, picking up the cake & cupcakes. Beau was sent to the store and to clean the van! By the time that was all done, we were ready for a nap.....however it was the beginning of "party time"!!!!!!

The girls woke up to hair & make-up (it was their party afterall!) and then THE DRESSES! I had bought the dresses for Halloween with full intention of using them for their birthday party. Well, the girls have been wanting to wear them everyday since Halloween and were so excited to get to wear them again. It was all I was hearing about from 2 of them...."where's my dress? I want my dress! I neeed my dress!!!!!" (Can you guess who that was????)

Waiting for photos with Noni while still all fresh.

Everyone look at the phone! Yep, got it! (Rayne-always properly accessorized & prepared!)

This was the best we could get. There is only soooo much cooperation from a three year-old, especially with a PARTY to go too!

No pictures please......

Why are you still clicking that camera Mommy? And what is that thing Noni has in her lap????

Well, that would be the "special" party favor! I'm so glad you asked......
It is a "Fairy Marshmellow Wand"! (these were a HUGE HIT! Found the idea off another blog that referenced the book Fairies Cookbook by Barbara Beery. Of course, I got the book after the party and Mom & I just sort of "winged it". It was amazing how close we really were to the recipe! You will be seeing more things from this book in the future. LOVE IT! and she has one for Tea Parties......hmmmmm, next year????)

The Cupcakes....Mm, MMMMM, mmmm!

Even the girls helped set up their Party while we waited for the guest to arrive....

(I know this is taking forever, but it will be sooner than later. Promise!)

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Invitation...and Fight for Preemies

Little girls and fairy wings,
These are a few of our favorite things.
Sprinkle yourselves in pixie dust,
And, celebrate their 3rd with us!

Your presence is enough,
We have plenty of stuff.
It is you we want to see,
So no presents please!
Friday, November 13th at 4:30pm at LITTLE GYM of Plano on Preston.

Much thanks to Jenna Walker & Charity Donovan for their help with the Birthday Rhyme & party favor suggestions! At the party we had over 15 kiddos- quads, triplets, twins, and four singletons... and then our girls. It was craziness at its best!
I cannot say enough good things about the staff (Thank you so much Mr. Travis & Mr. Zach) for their help in planning & running the show! They even hung the decorations, blew up a ton of balloons, set-up all the stuff & cleaned it up once done! We LOVE LITTLE GYM!
(pictured: Mr. Travis with his guitar & JuJu)
stay tuned.... more to come, I PROMISE! (no naps make blogging a challenge!)
On another important matter is today is National Preemie Awareness day. We were beyond blessed in that our girls were born healthy but they were born at 30weeks---TEN weeks early! Going home alone after having your baby (or babies) is hard. But the fight those littles have in front of them is much harder. It is because of organiztions like March of Dimes and BLoggers Unite. I hope you take a moment and check them out and join!
and here is an old post on this earlier this year:

Happy Birthday My Sweet Angels

Dear River, Rayne, JuJu & Skye,

Happy Birthday to my most favorite people! You are my life, you are your Daddy's life. Our lives are beyond extraordinary because of each of you. I learn something new each day and a day is never complete without your smiles, your laughter, and especially your hugs & kisses!
I am so honored to be your Mommy and I hope each day to be the best mommmy for each of you. I loved ya'll long before I held you in my arms. Each of you are amazing little girls with so much life. It is a joy to watch you grow and play each day.


Expect several post and a video montage over the next few days of all the events of the "birthday week" . We have been busy!!!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Geaux Tigers!!!!!

The Girls are in the FIGHTING SPIRIT!!!! (ok, more ways than one, but we won't go into that now..laugh-out-loud!!!!)

Thanks to Steve and Tammy for the tiger!!!!! As you can see it is well loved and an instant favorite and new member to our family.

I love you Mike the Tiger!

You can see the giggles of delight!

What college is really about, studying & reading!

When does the game start & where are the snacks?????

aaawwww, another hug for Mike

Good Boy!!!!!

More love for the Tiger
And as JuJu shouts..."GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!! WE'RE NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!"