Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Halloween Ballerina's

The girls had a wonderful time trick-or-treating tonight. The girls were Ballerina's and they danced from house to house, laughing, giggling, and eating as much candy as they could.
Skye, JuJu, Rayne, & River

Daddy & his girls
Look for more to come. I have LOTS of pictures...surprised?

Friday, October 30, 2009

My Sickies

Everyone has been sick around here. Including the "Daddy"! He was out of town most of this week, but came home sick as a dog. The girls have still been sick (and praying today is the last of it!!!!!!) Here is a pic of how most of the last few days have really been. Beau and his girls (can I say it was 70 degrees outside when I took this pic!)

Seriously MOM!!!! We're sick! Quit taking our pictures!!!!

Fine, if you have to take our pic, take one with my book!

Now to get ready for Halloween........

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday with Four Little Sickies...

Our Monday morning really began at about 12:30am. Yep! Rayne woke up and sounded terrible. As should would say "Rayne-Rayne sick" followed with the biggest pout. (All the girls were running fever on Sunday, so it wasn't a totally shock). So out came the nebulizer. Of course by 8am, ALL of the girls were getting a breathing treatment. I mean seriously, you can't just do a few! It truly looks like a bong-party with the passing of the mask & the mist coming out of it.
So what does one do to entertain FOUR sick, almost 3 year olds, you might ask? EVERYTHING ONE CAN TO GET THRU THE DAY!!!!!!

Alittle morning Yoga to "bring it down"

Butterfly & Caterpillar poses (from the GAIAM Yoga kids videos)

Shopping with our best accessories, found at amazing discount prices--The FIVE-Finger-discount after raiding Mom's closet.

Hmm.... wonder where all the linens could have gone???????

Here they are!

This is better than the white sale at Macy's!
Ahh, Caillou & Elmo! Now that's good TV!
Hopefully tomorrow they continue to mend. As of this moment, there are still fevers, coughs, & stuffy, runny noses.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Three Weeks....

In three weeks, our girls will turn THREE!!!! Oh.My.GOD!!!! I can't believe it, can you? It has been such a wild ride with these four and everyday something new comes out of their mouth or some new "dance" move has to be shown. Of course, everyday their is alittle more independence wanted/demanded, alittle more sisterly "interactions" (aka knock-out-drag-out-battles/screaming matches), but LOTS more hugs & kisses and "I love You's". We truly no longer have babies or toddlers, but little girls with big ideas and places to go. I can only hope I can keep up.
River has become such a little lady. She loves to help and is always eager to lend a hand. She recently had a day out with just mommy and we met daddy for lunch. She was so happy. It is one thing that is hard to do with multiples, one on one time. So they really love it when they get a chance. Now for a River funny: She ALWAYS has to be first! And if she isn't you will hear about it until she gets her turn. Actually the whole area will hear about it. So, earlier this week the girls went in for their flu shots. JuJu got it first since she was in my arms. River, of course, was " No! me first!" Well, once she saw JuJu get the shot and needless to say there were a few tears. River backed-off. When asked who would be next, River said "Skye" as she pushed her forward. (way to throw your sister under the bus, I told her). She did the same thing to Rayne . So when it was her time, she bit her little lip, cried a little with the shot & by the time the band-aide was put on, she looked at me with the sweetest face (with a big tear) and said "it don't hurt no more! it not so bad!" And with that, a happy face returned. I told her since she was such a big girl, we could have a treat--chicken nugget-frenchfry.
Rayne is still the princess of the group and becoming the little "mama". She is always carrying around a doll or a bear and loving on them. It is the sweetest thing. She feeds them, puts diapers on them, ect. She has even tried to do that with JuJu. I don't think I need to tell you how that went over. HA! I asked the girls "who will give me a pose?" and Rayne turned and gave me this face. She is my sweetie.
JuJu. We now hear alot of "no, JuJu!" "JuJu! STop ____!" Of course, it is always followed by her sweet, maniacal laugh. Yes, maniacal! I know, hard to believe. But she truly has fun annoying her sisters. Though, most of the time she is just trying to be right there with them or doing exactly what they are doing. She just wants to be in the exact same spot & have the exact same item they have. Yeah, it usually doesn't go over well. It does make for some entertaining moments.
Skye can be the most serious of my girls and at the same time my little "fairy" child. She LOVES outside! She has to go out everyday to smell the flowers Beau planted & will hug the oak trees out front, running to each one until I chase her down & drag her back in. She can also sit & look at books for hours! Her & Beau will sit and read the OED ( OXFORD English Dictionary) for a few minutes in the eventing. She will ask specifically for "O.E.D" Books are one of her favorite things next to coloring. She now draws faces and is working on making faces with stick figures. My artiste!

Potty training is going well. A few days ago, I almost put everyone back in diapers, including the dog. Trust me when I say you don't want the details of that day! But things are back on tract. We started with River & Rayne and they are now pretty much daytime trained. We will start soon with the other two. God, help me, because I literally spend most of my day in the bathroom. With what we have saved on diapers, will now go to Stanley Steemer & the water bill. seriously.

Lots more to post, but my angels are waking from nap. Until then....
From last year. Still hoping to make it to a pumpkin patch this year.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

We're still here!

No lie, this is my NINTH attempt at this post! Blogger is not my friend this week. The girls did have some help in the 5th or 6th attempt. So hopefully this time it will make it thru. Though, alot of stuff that was in, is now gone. So anyhoo...... Here is what some of what's left.

Getting all four in pictures these days is difficult at best. The last few weeks we have been having so much rain, so we decided to have a picnic inside. The girls LOVE to do picnics. One day we will actually do them outside.

No Mommy! No more pictures!

Such sisterly love. THese two have become the best of buds. They have to do everything together these days.

Yum, yum. cheese quesadillas & apples.

This is our art window. The girls are destined to be artists like Noni, Auntie Carol & Auntie Julie.

Skye LOVES to "read". These are two of her favorite books to have with her, The MERCK Manual & the Oxford Dictionary. Seriously. They have to be in her bed with her. She loves to look for a familiar letter and they yells them out singing the song from the Letter Factory by Leap frog. ( I HIGHLY recommend this video! the girls now know ALL of their letters & the sound each letter makes. Caution: the song WILL get stuck in your head!)

Ms. Emily found this Ariel Vanity table at her apartment complex with all of the accessories. The girls LOVE it. It is so funny to watch them primp. ( I found a few more table vanity mirrors with accessories. look for those pics & all to come soon. precious!!!!)

Rayne is my fashionista. She actually picked out the whole outfit, dressed herself (zipper & all). We laugh at how she always has to be accessorized. It is scary that at almost 3 she has more fashion sense than most people I saw at Walmart the other day!

Skye. Oh, Skye!
Skye has decided that she will NOT take a bath without her glasses. She hates to be splashed & will scream "my EYES, my EYES!!!!!" if water comes near them. So, now she won't get in the tub until her glasses are on. Yes, it is very funny! No DIVA's here... ha!

The daily raid of Mommy's closet. Yeah, there are some things you just have to say, " i give!"

Skye running as fast as she can with the treasures of the latest raid.

"I got what I want! Do you think these will go best with day or night outings? Wonder if this will go with my other princess dress? No worries, I'll look great either way!"

Look for more soon (I promise!). Especially some cute videos, JuJu's new brace, & the update on the potty training.... Yes, potty training. Two of the four are day-time dry. Can you guess which two???