Sunday, July 26, 2009

Pictures, updates & more.

As you may have noticed, I changed the blog header to this AMAZING picture taken by Betsy Pri0to. She is a MOM of twins herself and has an amazing way of capture the kiddos. It was taken at the Gerwer Quads 1.5 Birthday Bash. There were FOUR sets of quads there! You should go see her site Betsy Marie Photography. Here are a few others she took.



Can you believer it? FIVE QUAD MAMAS! Yes, two weekends in a row, I have gotten to go see some of my quad mom friends: Suzie Steece, Moni Graf (who drove in for the weekend), Casey Gerwer, Amy Jo Sather, & me! It was a very fun afternoon.

Can you find all of the quads? (hint there are 9 showing with a peek of #10)
The water table was a big hit. JuJu was showing Reid some love (and hopefully not corrupting her!) Rayne was wondering where the snow cone stand was.
Girls only at this table! Ms. Moni Graf & The Urech Girls & Ms. Sav (Steece)
Well, it was bound to happen at some point. The girls were fascinated to watch Suz change the diapers of her crew, so they SAW a boy! I was just so glad they were so facinated that she was changing a diaper that they didn't ask or notice much else! (they haven't seen boy parts before)
Skye finding a place to hide & alittle quiet. She is on the shelf in the linen closet. I have given up keeping the sheets, blankets, towels folded. It does look comfy though!
Here is Ms. Patty & the girls. The girls have truly loved their swimming lessons this summer and I know will miss them after the last summer class. THey have gotten so much from it this year. Ms. Patty is a fabulous teacher.
Did you just see my awesome kicking & putting my face under the water???
Skye in mid-jump. She LOVES to jump into the pool!

Skye collecting all the rings from underwater.

One of the best things about swimming class, the suckers for the ride home.
Yes, Ms. Patty's that close to us that we can walk over! LOVE IT!

I wanted to recommend this book to anyone with kiddos! My college roommate, Jennifer Williams wrote it so I had to buy a copy! I have been so amazed by how well written & full of great things that are in it! It is full of so many fun (and educational) ideas. And I plan on getting alot of the children's book that go with the experiments. I got it for the girls, and though much is still alittle old for them, I can't wait to do alot of the experiments with them. And hopefully my nephews aren't reading this, because I'm getting them a copy of it too!

Now, for some updates. The crib tents are going over wonderfully! They even ask to be zipped up and love their "space". I know one day we will either go to toddler beds, straight to big girl beds, or just throw the mattresses on the floor, but for now, this is what works best for us. Glad so many of you have enjoyed the video.
The girls just keep growing and with it the level of conversations. Yes, CONVERSATIONS! God help me, because they already are rationalizing things too well. Examples:
River: Ms. Emily, I go home wichu!
Ms. Emily: River, my house is too little.
River: I know! I little! I FIT! I go to Mae-Mae House! YEAH!!!!
Me: Okay, time for bed
Girls: Um, how'bout cookies!?
When one of the girls is buggin the other " go see Daddy/Mommy" Nice!
THere are so many and you never know what will come flying out of their mouths, which does make me much more cautious as to what comes out of my mouth!
The girls have also learned a new word that they love: PARTY! Since we have gone to a few now, everytime we get in the car, they expect to go to a party ( and start looking for the cake/cupcakes). Gee, I wonder who they get that from?
Until next time.... ( I'm still working on another video)
Take care!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What to do when it's a 104!

It has been 100 degrees or MORE for the last 14 days. UGH! So what is a girl ( or girls) suppose to do? WELL...... we have said yes! to any and ALL pool party requests! On Sunday we went to their buddy Andrew's right next door (sorry no pics from that event) and went swimming & played on the swing set. He is trying to figure out girls I think since he has a little sister on the way. Congratulations again Deanna & Randy!!!!
And then yesterday we got ANOTHER invite to Ms. Courtney's. The girls have totally fallen in love with her & were jumping for joy when I told them this morning that Ms. Courtney was coming over & we were goign to her house to swim. They couldn't wait to get their suits on. I will confess that I do hold their suits hostage until sunscreen is on. It is the ONLY way for me to get it on them. UGH! Ms. Courtney with her posse....
Rayne chillin' with her wings
Skye's version of Heaven: sidewalk chalk, a pool, & limited clothing...... In her mind life couldn't be any better!
Of course, they had lots of pool accessories that the girls had to completely explore
River & Rayne
Poolside popcicles....yum! yum!
Ms Penny (Courtney's MOM) even brought out the hose. The girls had a blast with it too. (and I know their feet were greatful with the concrete so hot...thank-you!)
Ms. Courtney and her new best friends (at least they think so!)
Some very happy (and worn out) cuties!
Thank you again Ms. Courtney & Ms. Penny!!!!! The girls had so much fun and I know are looking forward to the next get together.
And things we did the other day when it was 104!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Belated Father's present & pics

EDIT & Clarification....below!
I also had a picture done of all of his "girls". I think I love this picture the best because it truly captured everyone's personality. This was the LAST picture they took too! As some of you know, Beau was out of town for Father's Day, so I thought some updated pictures were the best gift for one of the best Father's & Husbands. Despite what the media is saying, I have found that having quads has made our marriage stronger, more loving, and more commited than if we hadn't. I know a big reason for that is because of Beau and how much he puts the girls and I first and only the best for us. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

As many of you know, this is a "house divided". I went to LSU (you know the World Series Baseball Champions!!!!!) and Beau went to TEXAS ( where the Tigers go to get a good slab of beef...hehehehehe). So for Father's Day this year I had the girls pictures taken in their TEXAS outfits. I have to admit they do look really cute despite the "rrrnge". I LOVE YOU HONEY!!!!

Daddy & his girls the morning he got back after being gone 2 weeks. They were so happy to have him back!
Daddy & his watching the water spouts & birdies
JuJu on the run!
(like you don't see that happen often, HA!)

River, Goddess in Training, commanding the water elements
For Noni, River's drawing of faces. She even pointed to each one naming them Mommy, Daddy, Skye, Rayne, River. She was upset with JuJu, so I don't think she got a "face". THough, she did still the colors!
Hmm.... That doesn't look like rain out there. Where is that bunny?

Did you see who is in my bed? Do you know what JuJu is up too?


No, Mommy, No pictures! Not the blog!

Yep, JuJu's latest feat. She climbs INTO bed, and then tries to climb ONTO the bookshelf. Yeah, she is the reason for a big chunk of my grey hair!
It must be noted that JuJu has learned this from her watching her sister Skye. I have video on that one, but for some reason it did not come thru! Working on it. Skye is the other major contributor to my grey hair.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Welcome Isabella!

The newest member to our family, Isabella arrived at 11:56pm July 3rd weighing 5lbs 4oz. She arrived 5 weeks ahead of schedule, but is doing awesome. Mom, baby & Jer are home as of today. I am so happy for them!
Natasha & Izzy. Natasha and my brother, Jer are goign to be amazing parents. And for those who know Jer, he made it thru the whole delivery & didn't pass out! Woohoo Jer!
Izzy looking so cute and I'm sure one of her many splendid outfits!

Working on more posts & videos of the girls.... we have had some techinical difficulties!
(sorry this is a bit delayed)