Saturday, August 30, 2008

Geaux Tigers!

I promise not to have an LSU picture or brag about the latest win every Sat. But, I couldn't resist today. This is one of my favorite pictures of the girls and it was taken in Jan. I could still get them to sit and take a picture. This may not happen again (without the help of a miracle) until age 18?? And for all of the Longhorn fans in my family, I will post a picture of the girls in those outfits too. I promise.

I had a great video to upload, but have had some techinical difficulties. Besides that, I pulled a major muscle in my back and sitting with the computer hasn't been much fun. In fact I haven't gotten to pick up the girls in days. Though I can now stand upright and move from sit to stand. Very big accomplishments! THough I still move like a very old lady!

The girls are doing great and continue to find new words and ways to scare their parents daily.

Lucy is now know as "Uucy" and she will come to it. Usually because that means the girls have their hands out with lots of treats. JuJu continues to scale the walls (literally), Rayne has a major love affair with shoes and the more sparkle the better. Skye will set up the pillows for "pillow pile-up" herself now and River has become the "mail" person. She LOVES to go get the mail.

Hello! I'm so glad you came to see what we are doing. I swear we aren't up to anything mischievious! Do you like the fashion statement of my socks?
Lucy also will join in the "Pillow pile-up" game.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Whine, wine, and shoes!

Whine, whine, whine! We had ALOT of it this weekend and it wasn't a good vintage! So on Sunday morning when River started to whine, before I could say anything, she looks at me and whines "whine, whine, no whine, whine" in the most whiny voice. I didn't know if I was suppose to crack up or correct her. Then I heard my mother's voice in my head going, "karma, ahhh, karma". God, I hate karma sometimes! So the girls have mastered a new word, though it is one of many. Needless to say after all of the whining, I was wanting some wine!
Rayne is becoming my fashion diva and seems to walk around with some sort of "accessory" all of the time now, shoes, hat, purse, some sort of "jewelry". All of the girls LOVE clothes! I had ordered some stuff from Old Navy and before the box was opened, they were trying to get into it and take off what they were wearing and put on the new stuff. ALL of them had to have something on! I told Beau to be afraid, be very afraid......
Of course, shoes are still accessory #1!
A girl always needs a back-up plan, even with shoes!
Well, they both go with the outfit and it is easier to figure out left/right. Isn't having matching shoes overrated?

Garden party anyone?
Do you think this will keep the sun off me?
A girl always has to be prepared with the right purse for the right outfit. Black does go with everything!

Well.........You can only eat so many crackers!
And then there is always one in the crowd who believes less is more and goes for the simpliest approach to dressing. It is very Zen-like and does make it much easier to climb the next moutain.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Little Gym, JuJu on the parallel bars,

Little Gym

Today was our first day at Little Gym. The girls LOVED IT! I don't think Rayne ever stopped, well actually none of them! :) It was such a great morning and I'm so glad that we signed them up for the whole fall semester. Beau had taken the day off and got to go with us which was so nice. Now he knows where I spent all of the money! Actually he had so much fun watching and playing with his girls. He is such a great daddy. He even took all of us out to lunch at Chili's. I swear they cringe when we walk in because of the mess we make. Is it a bad sign though, that as soon as you walk in, your kids instantly walk to the back table, and go "eat, eat"? Like the table is theirs?

Skye Monkey, USA, age 21months, youngest athlete at these games, will attempt a double summersault onto the bars. Holds world title, but has stiff competition this year.
River Bug, USA, age 21months, oldest athlete at these games, leads in track & field. Holds world title in ball throwing and just won the GOLD (golden-orange ball that is)
Rayne-Rayne, second oldest athlete at these games, has just beaten Skye's score on the parallel bars. Oh, doesn't that face just show the excitement of knowing you did a great job!
JuJu Bean, the underdog coming into these games. But have you seen the strength in her routine? And those muscles? WOW! Uh-oh! It's an upset! She has just won the GOLD! River in the back ground, throws herself to the mat in the excitement! Oh, what a day!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The hungry Fairy Princesses

Dressing up.

The outfits I bought the girls for Halloween came in. Well, they had to have them on. Let me explain. My girls have become "girly-girls". They love to change clothes, look for shoes, and now even carry a "purse". It is hysterical! I took them to the mall the other day by myself (I was desperate to get out of the house) and we went thru Neiman's. ( I figured if I was crazy enough to go out with them, might as well go all out!) I rounded the corner of the last make-up and stand to face the shoe department. I hear three little voices go "shooz, yeah!" and start clapping. You should have seen the expression on the sales person. But seriously, $200 for a flip-flop on sale?????

Back to the costumes..... so as soon as I took them out of the box, they were pulling on their clothes as to get them off and running up to me going "me, me". So here are some pics & alittl video.

Mom, I want the whole outfit on, not just the free hair bow!
SO who do you think looks best? Well, of course I do! Hey, lets jump in JuJu's bed while she's not looking!
What is a fairy costume without a cowgirl hat? I mean it is Texas! And yes, the reincarnation of Minnie Pearl is in the background. The tag is almost as big as she is.
On her quest to find her prince, River has already begun kissing a frog to find him.
They may be jumping in my bed, but I'm playing in River's! And, I'm the cutest!
Daddy spending time on his break from working on the upstairs. JuJu is staying "on top" of the situation!

I hope you enjoy the video too. Rayne especially will crack you up! I don't know that these will actually be the costumes and if they are, I plan on jazzing them up alot!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Barnes & Nobles will never be the same!

Today with the help of Ms. Emily, Dana, & my Aunt Joy we took the girls out to Storytime & lunch. We haven't been in awhile so the girls were alittle out of practice. THey were so happy to be out of the house and let loose, that they sort of "let loose". I'm not sure they will be so smiley when we walk thru the door again. Oh well! Here are some fun shots from the day.
Here are my beautiful angels as we began our outing for the day. Don't they just look so sweet? So kind? So gentle? Hmmm..........
I just love this picture! This is my Great Aunt Joy. She is 85! She had (has) a set of twins and at one point had 4, 4 & under! I have no clue how she did it because I would not have made it without a microwave, dishwasher, huge washer/dryer, and cellphones with blue tooth.
Anyway this is her and Skye walking into Barnes & Nobles. Since the beginning these two have had such a bond.
Here we are at Storytime. Notice how everyone else's kiddo are sitting and listening? JuJu was crawling away from the "scene of the crime". Luckily, we only had to buy one book! UGH! (We now own a brand new book with multiple torn pages)
Can you believe it a picture of all 4 together and they aren't strapped into a high chair, car seats or a stroller? Now, if you notice, they are nowhere where they are suppose to be. The story lady has the patience of a saint! THe girls kept taking her books and getting on & off the stage.
All of these cookies are just for me, right?
River did finally settle into the "program". She is my little lady!
Skye "assisted" in telling the stories! She has no fear of being on stage. I could actually picture her accepting her oscar up there.
After destroying part of the kids book section and hearing a few complaints from some of the parents regarding the "disruptions" and "age limits", ect. We headed to Chili's, a more kid-friendly establishment, and had a very "messy" time. The girls loved it as you can see. (And yes, I left a very big tip to go with our very big mess!)

They also got their bangs cut today. I was amazed at how well they sat for Dana (a professional hair stylist).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A little bit of everything

I hope they like it as much when it comes out of the box! Don't worry, I'll post pictures of what's inside!!!! Can you guess though?
Coffee Talk, Quad Style (actually chocolate milk)
I think the face says it all! She wasn't too happy with the dinner choice of the night.

Where are my magic slippers? I know they are around here. I really need to talk to help, this place is a mess!
Oh what to be for halloween? What do you think?

Uh huh, yeah, yeah, I think so, uh huh, Well, what are you wearing? No, I'm wearing the purple! Ok, we'll talk more later. I really need to get back to my crackers.
A cowboy hat is a must while completing a barn-yard animal puzzle!
Who needs rose-colored glasses when you can have a rose colored plate to look thru??
I think this chocolate syrup is doing wonders for my complexion. Can I have some more now?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

We're 21!!!!! (months!)

I can't believe how fast the months have gone by. In just 3 months I will officially have 2 year olds!?!?!? Wow! It has been so much fun watching them turn into little people. Everyday continues to bring about a new word, and as Beau says, "the level of conversation improves daily". They will even come out with words that I had no clue they new! This morning River looked into the kitchen, saw some flowers I bought last night,and started pointing saying "flower, flower" (a girls after my own heart). Rayne seems to find a new song to sing everyday. Her and JuJu truly seem to have their own language when interacting with each other. They can get each other to laugh by just looking at each other sometimes. It is the sweetest thing. Don't get me wrong, they do have some momements like all siblings do, but Rayne does watch out for JuJu. Skye. Oh, Skye! My little drama queen. She LOVES her hats from Aunt Natasha and every morning has to put her hat on, but also has to put a hat on all of her sisters whether they want it or not! Yesterday she almost gave me heart failure. She came running out of her room crying, screaming, having a fit. I really thought something was seriously wrong. First glance, no blood, no obvious sign of injury. Yeah! So, she gets my attention runs back to her room, of course, still crying/screaming. I follow and she points to JuJu who is wrapped up in a blanket not moving on the chair. NOW my heart truly skips a beat! JuJu then moves the blanket and goes, boo! UGH!!!!!!! Now that I'm breathing again, Skye still having a fit, I look her over more closer. It was then that I realized the porblem. JuJu was playing peek-a-boo with HER blanket! Skye was having a fit (seriously, you would have thought someone ripped her toenails off), because JuJu had her blanket and refused to give it back. Once the situation was remedied, Skye went over to JuJu bed, grabbed her blanket and ran out the room. It was the funniest thing (esp. now that I know everyone is ok!). Each of the girls have a blanket that is their color. Skye is VERY attached to hers. Aunt Liz got them for them before they were born and they have slept every night with them since they came home! Thank-you Aunt Liz!!!!

Well as with growing up, the house is in the next stage of remodeling (and no I don't mean the upstairs!) Our beautiful book shelf now looks like this:

Because of this:

Now to go clean up the next round of chaos! They have dicovered how to get their juice out of the sippy cup and create their own "splash park"!!!! Nothing is safe or sacred in this house anymore. Except Skye's blanket!
I have a ton of really cute pics & videos of the girls to hopefully upload tonight so hopefully I'll have them up for you later.