Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have alot of thank-you's and updates. First a HUGE thank-you to my parents for watching the girls while Beau & I spent a weekend in LaJolla, CA for a beautiful wedding. We had a fabulous time touring the area, eating out, and just spending time with each other. I forgot how much fun we could have together, even if it was just driving around. The Girls had so much fun with my parents that they still are asking for Noni & Pop-pop. My nieces and my brother also came in town to play with the girls while we were gone. I really don't think they noticed we were gone. From what I hear, they wer have way to much fun! Thanks Travis, Kayla, & Alexis for helping out. Hopefully I'll get to see you on the next visit!
Also, thanks for all of the well wishes with the a/c. Dallas Plumbing had it back up & running within a couple of days. We got put on a waiting list, and ended up getting fixed the next morning! Thank God!

It is amazing though how much the girls grew over just 4 days. They are talking soooo much more, even JuJu, and the clarity in their words is great. Of course, "more", "tv", "bubbles", and "eat, eat" are the main words.
I will try and update more on each of the girls later, but I thought you would enjoy the pictures.
Also, thanks to Yaya (Aunt Natasha), for her guest blogging. River & Skye were both asking for Yaya today.

Hey Daddy, I can almost fill your shoes! (JuJu is thinking, "yeah, right! Mine turn!").

We're chillin'. Boy this episode of Elmo has got to be the best. Yes, I really like the production lighting in this sequence. Oh, me too. Do you think we can get a refill on these drinks?

I'm styling. Ballet anyone?
Now this is what needs to be on 24/7. Enough said!

I'm cute!
Now this is relaxing! My Elmo chair in the ball pit, could it be any better?

This was the last of our Kindermusik class that the girls really enjoyed. Mom & Dad stayed alittle longer just to go with us to class (and help me out ALOT!). We will hopefully take more of the classes in the fall.<

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My week with the quads...By Yaya (Aunt Natasha)

My week with the quads... By Yaya (Natasha Hartley)
I was amazed by how much they had changed since my last visit this past Christmas. The first thing to stick out were teeth. They all looked so grown up with their mouthful of teeth. Next was the advancement of their language skills. They are now speaking several words and signing. Rayne loves to sing. Almost 90% of her speech is done by RIver loves to play with puzzles. She carefully stacks all the pieces very neatly and then one by one she places them in the correct location on the puzzel board. She hasn't quite mastered putting them in the spot correctly but I was amazed by her organization and memory skills. She along with JuJu have a smile that can and will melt your heart (and let's them get away with almost anything). JuJu... oh my JuJu..She is the true definition of a miracle. The turn around and advancement itself in the last seven months to me have been mind blowing. She is now taking a few steps at a time and acknowledges you (by turning around and looking at you) when you call out her name. She is also speaking several words and also communicates through sign language. She loves to be praised, especially clapping, when she accomplishes a task. Skye...My little couch potato Skye.. is quite the character. She loves to be looked at.. although she does not want you to know that she knows you are watching her. She LOVES T.V. She has the sign down quite well for t.v. time lol... She wakes up signing t.v., when she is in the car she signs t.v. , her world seems to revolve around t.v. When the credits or the menu appears on the video she is quick to let you know that it is time to restart her video. She is a ham. I have also found that the biggest love in their lives right now is "Melmo" (aka Sesame Street character Elmo). The girls are very active and very much into exploring their surroundings . Hats off to Beau and Mist they sure do have their hands full during this wonderful,beautiful part of their lives. I know I tried to take advantage of their nap times to rest myself....oh who am I fooling the girls wore me I didnt take advantage I passed out ....I love it though.. I cannot wait till I return again.. Till next time

THanks Yaya!!!! We had sooooo much fun with you here. Next time we promise to have the AC work the whole time you are here! Love, the Girls

Monday, July 21, 2008


I seem to have lost the entire post & all of the pics! I'm too tired now to redo the whole thing. Highlights are: having a great time with Aunt Natasha (Ya-ya!), A/C is out while it has been a 100degrees everyday (hopefully to be fixed tomorrow), going out lots & lots~esp. places with good a/c!
Here are some fun pics for now. The first few are of us at the PAMOM picnic, the next few are of the girls with their new tu-tu's & pom-pom's. And the last few are from today. We met my Great Aunt & cousin at the Gaylord Texan for lunch. They have great air conditioning! Actually the whole place is very nice and we had a wonderful time. Enjoy for now and keep your fingers crossed we have a/c by tomorrow afternoon!!!!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Cover girls & Cowgirls

Well, first up is the Girls are the cover models for the July e-newsletter for MOST (Moms of SuperTwins). What a surprise when I opened the email and they are my little darlings! I hope you check it out. I will say I honestly cannot say enough good things about this organization or the women involved. The support we got from there when we found out we were having quads was amazing! It is how we found out about Dr. Elliot & PPA. And if you are a MOM of triplets or more, you should definitely check MOST out.
Now for the cowgirls...... My sister-in-law came to visit us and she brought the girls some cowboy hats. They were having so much fun this morning modeling them.
Skye very much enjoyed wearing and modeling her hat all morning.
Natasha was also brave enough to eat on the couch where the girls could reach her. Needless to say I don't think she got very much of her scone.
Ohhhh, You are sharing right? Sharing is caring!
Yeah, I like my piece alittle larger. Make sure I get ALOT of the blueberries!!!
Please, Aunt Natasha, help me with my hair! Mom doesn't have a clue what to do with all my beautiful curls. She just truly doesn't have a clue!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Painted Toes & Chocolate & Lucy!

Every pedicure should include some sort of chocolate!!!! (though I would like mine with a Chocolate Martini!) The Girls say "Thank you Miss Emily for teaching us the finer things in life and what a girly day is really like!" Skye was taking close inspection or future references (for what God only knows!) Miss Emily also made sure everyone got their toes painted in their color!
Can you guess whose toes are whose?

Oh, I'm so glad that is not MY color! Mine are looking so much better than hers! Oh, I hope that isn't permanent......... Well, it's her toes, not mine.
Hmmm, I wonder if we can get more of that chocolate icing stuff?The girls have been very proud of their toes today. And they LOVED, I mean LOVED, their chocolate! Needless to say, they ALL got bathes today.
mmmmmmm..............that is good stuff! Look Noni, I have a mustache just like Pop-pop! (just not as much grey, hehehehheheh)!

Now many of you have asked how Lucy the dog is doing. Well, she is doing great. She is the best vacuum cleaner money can by. Though I think she now values the serentity the baby gates can provide her. Today the girls decided to "play" with Lucy. They covered her with washclothes and which then led to them covering her face to play "peek-a-boo!". The look of
save me! was all over her face. She is such a good sport and the girls love having her around now. Feeding Lucy is one of their favorite things to do and has very much endeared them into Lucy's heart. Hence why she puts up with event like today. (and thanks to Miss Emily for taking the pictures!)