Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing Together

The Girls are really starting to play together, but they are also learning to work together. One of them is opening the babygates. UGH!!!!!

Other cute things are the crazy phrases said a million times a day:
River "whacha doin' mama?" (this is said a minimum of 50,000 times a day)
Rayne " jacket! Jacket! NOOOOOO JuJu! Mommy, Mommy"
JuJu " knock, knock..... who there?"
Skye " Miiinnnneeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As she is running out of my room with another pair of MY shoes or Beau's book!

Today River saw I had a bandaid on, and was so concerned. She told me to "sit you couch" and once I sat next to her, she said "ahhh Mama, hurt! I kiss it make better." And then she kissed my arm, looked up, and said "all better!" It was the cutest, sweetest thing!
Rayne will now sing all the opening songs to her favorite shows. She has the sweetest little voice. But she is obsessed with wearing her jacket EVERYDAY! Or her sweater. It doesn't matter how hot it is, she has to wear one. I mean, a Rockstar has to be accesorized, right? And she will ask you often "what doing?"
JuJu's new think is "knock, knock". She goes up to everything and does this. At least a gazillion times a day! And then tackles you with the biggest hug. It is amazing though to watch how much she is talking now.
Skye asks at least 5 times a day about Noni & Pop-pop. Her and JuJu both kiss & hug the phone when Noni is on the other end.

The girls have also turned going to bed into one of the biggest parties! They will get to playing & laughing so much that one of them will start snorting from laughing so hard. Beau and I are usually laughing at this point too--just don't tell them!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Just some fun pics!

Just thought I would post some great pics of the girls. They are getting so big!
JuJu with her favorite person! She loves to "walk" now.
Skye marching down the hall, singing whatever the latest favortie tune. She really gets into it as you can see.

I took River to the grocery yesterday and they have little carts for the kids. Well, she LOVED IT! If I even dared to touch the cart an immediate "NO! MOMMY! MINE!" Needless to say, it took a bit longer getting out of there. She so loved it and was so excited. She even found and got some of the things we really needed.... bananas! It is amazing how fast they get so big! Sorry the pics are a bit fuzzy, but they were taken with my phone.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Awesome Weekend!

My awesome weekend actually began a day earlier than the Quad Mom getaway. I flew into Tampa to hang out with my best friend Nicole! The two of us can pack more into a 24hr time period than anyone I know. We went to ALL of our old favortie places from when I lived there. (No, I'm not from TX orginally!) One of the fun things was to go and pick up my Mom's artwork that was in a show out there. Mom had come years ago when I lived in Sarasota and talked about how fun it would be to have her work in one of the gallery's in the artist strip. Well, she did it and it was so great to see and be apart of it! I cannot begin to express how wonderful that time was! And my favorite part was getting a massage by Nicole. It was fabulous! If you are in the Palmetto/Bradenton area you have to GO! She owns it and is the best! Tell her I sent you..... Nicole and I have said we will always have to be best friends because we know way too much about the other, but to be honest, it is an honor to be her friend. My life is so rich with her in it. I just wished TX & FL were ALOT closer!
Nicole and my's feet on Longboat Key getting wet. I didn't realize how much I missed the water, the sand, and the sound of the gulf! And just how beautiful the Gulf Coast is!
This is Nicole and her two beautiful children, Taylor & Aiden. She has the most amazingly sweet & funny kids! THanks for sharing your Mom guys!
This is Jac & Casey. (and you can see Suz & Sandra over their shoulders) These are the two masterminds behind the Quad Momma Getaway! They are so amazing! Casey lives near me, so we have met many times. She usually gets all the stuff we have finished with. She is the tiniest, sweetest thing. AND ORGANIZED!!!!! I thought she was going to go crazy with me since I am such a procrastinator and NEVER organized! See, Casey, I DID book my flight and even a few weeks before the trip! Not bad for me...
Jac I have spoken to many times on the phone & email as she also went to the same doctor as me in PHoenix, Dr. Elliot. It was such a pleasure to finally really give that girl a hug!
So, a huge THANK YOU to both of them! The weekend was amazing and I now have 13 new life-long friends who I look forward to seeing again soon! Each one of them are incredible and beautiful. Miss you!

How nice was this to hang by for 3 days? Can you say Heaven? And to know that the babies who were fussy or crying, you weren't responsible for--- quadruple heaven! This was all of us piled into a van-cab for our last night out. It was so much fun! I haven't had that much time out since LONG before the babies were born.
And of course one of the best parts of the trip, coming home to my babies! It is so nice to get away, but I sure did miss them (and their Daddy too!!!!) JuJu missed the photo-shoot. She has the busiest schedule in this house! They have also quickly let me know many of the new tricks they learned while I was gone. That is another post all together. Let's just say, NOTHING is sacred or safe!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"I've Got All My Sistas With Me!"

"What's the first thing you did when you found out you were having 4 babies?"

After the shock wore off, each of us got online and googled "quads." One by one we found each other.. THANK GOD WE DID!!

We quad moms have an incredibly special bond. We have spent countless hours chatting with each other online and on the phone. A day does not go by when our in boxes aren't full of funny, frustrating, tear jerking and loving emails addressed to the group. We have seen each other through our pregnancies, NICU stays, health scares and countless moments of triumph and hours of desperation. We have shared our stories, good and bad. We cheer each other on and pick each other up when the going gets tough. We have found strength in numbers and as a group we can solve any problem.

A few months ago Casey and Jac sent out an email that would forever change us all. They were bound and determined to organize the "first annual quad mom get away!" They were not going to take "no" for an answer and were willing to do whatever they could to help each and everyone of us make it. Yes, they are that sweet and wonderful!

This past weekend our trip became a reality. We quad mommas, from all over the country, flew into Orlando, FL. We spent the weekend effortlessly bonding and enjoying each others company. Seeing our best friends for the first time in person is one of those things that words cannot describe. Each and every women was even better in "real life!"

Not every single one of us was able to make the trip, however the turn out was AMAZING! Those of you who missed this year, we can't wait to see your smiling faces next time!

Casey and Jac, THANK YOU SO MUCH for coming up with this idea and for not taking "no" for an answer. It was truly one of the best weekends of our lives and we can't wait for next year!

In the words of sweet Sandra, "I'm so glad I had quads.. it gave me all of you!"

In true Quad Momma fashion we took tons of pictures, here are just a few...

Official First Annual QuadMommas 2009 Shirt Front

Official First Annual QuadMommas 2009 Shirt Back
Orlando will NEVER be the same...
Front row (L to R): Jenny Burkett, Moni Graf, Kelly Trullinger, Casey Gerwer, Gen McNulty, Suz Steece, Misty Urech Back row (L to R): Jenna Walker, Sandra Cochran, Jac Tubre, Charity Donovan, Beth Walker

Not pictured is Nicole Golden who is living in the ice age and does not have a blog...YET...we are working on corrupting her. She was not able to join us until later in the trip (some other ladies were already back home).

Thank you to all the husbands, family members and friends who made this trip possible. We could never have done it without you!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We are experiencing technical difficulties.....

I wanted to upload a TON of pictures & videos, but seem to be missing a key component to do it. UGH!

So, instead this post will just be commentary. The girls will be 2.5 today! Two and a half! Where has the time gone? I have these crazy, adorable, nature loving little girls who seem determined to destroy the house. Even the dog stays outside more and more these days and has developed a bit of a startle reflex. I can't say I blame her, I think I am developing one too. Skye's latest thing is to jump. She LOVES to jump from the chair into the ball pit. She jumps off the fireplace over a ball, and today's newest is to jump off from the top of their picnic table. She is actually great with it! The scariest part is that her sisters try to copy her!

For the latest phrases that we seem to hear alot now are:
NO! NO WAY! (seriously, River will tell you NO WAY! especially after letting you know she is the boss AND leader)
Mine! --this is a very popular word right now.
So beautiful or adorable
Just a minute & Be right back
I never know what will come out of their mouth next or what facial expression I will see.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

pudding pops & water hoses

The pictures say it all!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming......

It seems like forever since I have posted, but I assure you I haven't been sitting around eating bon-bons! I have been crazy busy! Mom and I did awesome (well her mostly, actually ALL her)at the DFW Fiber Festival! She sold out of many things and only took home a very few. I am so proud of her! And she just found out that she will be in another gallery in New Orleans. SO COOL! (For those of you who don't know, that is where I'm from and will always be "home").
This past weekend, I spent in Arlington at the TMOM (TX Moms of Multiples) Convention. It was a blast and I was named the High Order Multiples Chairperson for TMOM for the new year. I'm excited about it and look forward to this new year with it. And Beau did survive a weekend alone with the girls. THANK YOU EMILY! ( She helped ALOT this weekend since Beau did have to work alot too). I'm working on a separate post of what happens when Mom's gone! SHEESH, is all I got to say!
We also got a new table this last week and have gotten rid of the highchairs! Can I say Hallelujah! We are still have some adjustments to the new table, but over all the girls are doing great and all of the old chairs have found new homes. YEAH!!!!! THough, I do still have the old kitchen table for the taking!
Well, I know most of you really just want to see the pictures, SO HERE THEY ARE!
The girls first meal at the new table. We are still waiting on the chairs, but we will now all get to eat together at the same time! ( or least it will be possible!)
Pasta night always requires a certian "attire". Skye knew exactly what was needed!
She really enjoys her food!
Uh, Mom!...... Mommy!?!!?! Are you looking at Skye?
She has now moved on to her sister's bowl. Note the color difference.
Yes, same meal. As I have said, she REALLY LOVES her pasta!
If she isn't bringing me a cookie, by GOD! I will get it myself!
Since the weather wasn't good for a picnic this day, they girls had one while watching "Caillou" (their new favorite show.... God help me!)
Mom and I on day 2, and very happy with how the weekend went!
I had a blast MOM & can't wait to do it with you next year!

Sisterly love at its cutest. Can you picture this just alittle different in 20 years?
Ya'll come back now, ya hear!