Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Beach babies!!!!

We might not make it to an actual beach this summer, but with Photoshop & Portrait Innovations, we can sure look like we did!!! The poor camera man tried so hard to get the classic sit-together-look-at-the-camera-&-smile shot! AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHh!! I will have to post a few of the outtakes, but for now here are some of our Summer beauties!



For those of you who may be new to the blog or just new to the "Urech Quads", I have put the girls in birth order. And for the dresses, when the girls were born we gave each of them a color to have them color coordinated to keep life easy those first few months. Well, needless to say it still goes on. River & Skye will actually only grab their color sippy and blankets!

And just for fun, here was life a year ago. Beau was putting together the highchairs that we now battle/love three times daily! Lucy has been great with assisting in the kitchen clean-up.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday fun

We started the day with a walk around the neighborhood (before it got to 90 degrees!)
It was followed by snack time.
Of course the day had to include the ball pit! Rayne & JuJu also had their daily teeth/mouth check.

River is taking control of the slide, why JuJu & Skye look for all of the lost items that are now buried at the bottom of the ball pit. Gee, I wonder how they got there???? Hmmm........
Able to leap tall buildings........

So how long before the next snack? who ordered this movie? Mirror, Mirror in my hand, who's the fairest in the land??
It is hard work playing all day, getting up for snack time, looking so cute, re-organizing the play area.........

Enjoy!!! Until next time..................

Party at my crib! (even if it is on the floor!)

Skye's crib dancing

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Congrats to the LSU baseball team!!!

The girls send out there congrats! GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!

JuJu's new skill

JuJu started this new skill yesterday and we are soooooo excited!!!!! She is our little miracle of miracles. All of my girls are, but she had to fight so hard to stay with us. Go JuJu, Go!!


Beau got to celebrate his second father's day with all of his princesses! Getting a good spot is harder to come by now.

Skye thinking.."hmmmmmm, I wonder what else I can get into? I think I can get the remote if I push the toys over and stand on them, and then....... hmmmmmm"

Hi!!!! Can I have the camera? You know you want to give it to me!! This toy is so interesting! It is so interesting, I'm just going to keep ignoring my crying sister who I am standing on, so I can keep enjoying my interesting toy!
I may be having a bad hair day, but I'm going to have the cleanest mouth!
I know the maid (aka the mama), is going to clean up this mess I made, so no worries.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!!!!

I want to wish Beau a VERY HAPPY DaDa Day! He is an amazing father. He still will get up at 6am everyday with the girls, will read Brown Bear, Brown Bear over & over again & again, and he will sit up with them till midnight if they need it. He has never complained at changing diapers and has willingly taken the girls for the weekend so I could get a "time-out". He also works so hard and plans for the future so the girls should have no worries. I cannot say enough of the man that I married. And it all started with a blind date orchestrated by my Mom & his sister, Carol. Thank-you to both of them.

And also, Happy Father's day to my Dad. You are an amazing Dad and the best "Pop-Pop". I have learned to keep a good sense of humor, no matter what is going on, and to know that the tides will always change. So just wait, it will go your way soon enough. Thank-you Dad!
To both of my favorite men, I love you & Happy Father's Day!
Mist & the Girls!

P.S. Happy Father's day to all of the dads out there. And to all of you multiple dad's, I send an extra shout out!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

All better!

The girls are finally over whatever it was. It seems it was just some 24-hr virus with left over crankies. Thurday they were well enough to take them out to the mall and let them loose in the play area. They played for a good half hour and then helped me & Miss Emily shop alittle. Afterwards, Beau and I went out for a "date night". Our last three attempts were all cancelled at the last minute for one reason or another. It was so nice to get out of the house and have "adult" conversations!
The girls continue to add a new word to their vocabulary everyday. JuJu's new word is "tickle, tickle". It is so cute.
Well, enjoy the pics from the play area. If you look, you can see Skye's hair! Yes, she is finally getting enough to call hair!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Hard day & night!

Yesteday started at 5am and ended at 4am (with NO nap!). I think I can count the few minutes where a baby wasn't crying, fussing, or screaming. The girls it seems got a virus of some sort. Their temperatures ranged from 99.5 to 103.9 degrees. And to make sure the day was complete we had one puke episode and the AC went out while it was 95 outside (but thanks Dallas Plumbing for having it back up by the end of the day). I have very few days where I have said having quads is hard. Yesterday was that day. Everyone wanted to be held at the same time, all of the time and nobody wanted to share. To finally get the last one to sleep, I had to hold in her in the chair (that was at 4am and everyone still got up at 6am). Needless to say, coffee has been heavily on todays menu. Luckily whatever it was, was only 24 hours. Only JuJu still has some fever. And today they did take naps and are much improved. I do have to say a huge thank-you to Emily, who didn't run out of the house screaming herself yesterday & my sister-in-law Liz. She has come over both days to check the girls and has answered all of my worried-mama questions. Having an Aunt Liz is essential with having quads. Liz is a pediatrian.
For those of you who have asked about Lucy and the girls, it is going very well. JuJu no longer freaks out and River has even attempted to pet her. All is well as long as Lucy doesn't move to fast.
The girls vocabulary continues to expand. River is starting to repeat everything. Her new words are Oh, man!; eat, eat; bubbles; night-night. Rayne says camera & shiney-hiney (or some version of it). JuJu is saying O'k, and Skye's new word is bow.

We decided to try giving the girls a bath in the "big"tub. It worked out great and they had so much fun. Now they are trying even harder to break into our room.