Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day (mostly just pics from the day)

River taking care of Daddy with JuJu's help.

Elmo's World! My Favorite! So glad we got here early for the good seats! Oh, the late nights are really are rough........ What was in that bottle??
I swear I didn't do it..., though I migt have thought of doing it...... Yeah, I'm cute! Hellloooooooo!!!!!!!! You can't ignore me!!!!!!

The inmates are storming the gate! (this only happens at least 5x's a day!!!!)

Daddy with JuJu & Skye

A woman on a mission!


Dorinda said...

Elmo's World and Shoes - these are what 1 year olds dream of. At least 1 year old girls :) We can't live without that darn red puppet. You already know that's how we survived 16 hours to Florida :)

And the shoes - Julianna says "shhhos" - I know she means "shoes" - it's very cute.

Great pictures - keep 'em comin'!

Cherie said...

I think you should submit the photo of the girls standing at the gate to MOST.

I loved it!

loren said...

Hi, Misty! Just added you to the blogroll. I'm WAY exhausted right now, but I promise I'll come back and say hi again!

Denise Wheeler said...

Too cute! I love the Elmo chairs and the girls at the gate was too funny.

sony said...

That's my girls! They are looking cuter by the day.