Monday, May 26, 2008

All dressed up....

This is a typical morning with the girls. They have discovered shoes! And now that they know having shoes on means getting to go out, they now LOVE to get their shoes on! JuJu has her back to the camera, but you can actually see all of her blonde curls. She definitely did NOT get those from me. Those are all from her Daddy!

Here is Skye paying homage to the TV gods. She truly lives for Elmo. The first thing she does every morning is look for the remote and try to turn on the TV and look for Elmo. And once he is on, she dances to the music. Though she will watch most things, but Elmo is the favorite.

This is a rare moment when you can actually get a picture with all 4 in it and it wasn't a major event to accomplish it and they all look so cute! I got the dresses for them in some funky shop down in Rockport with Noni (my mom)on a weekend getaway. Oh, the memories.......I actually finished a cup of coffee while it was still warm.

While looking thru pictures, I realized it was a year ago today that we had the girls baptized. They look so beautiful in their Christening gowns. It was such a wonderful ceremony.

This was taken in the Church by the fountain where they were baptized.

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Denise Wheeler said...

Cute pics! The girls did look absolutely beautiful in their gowns. What a special day.