Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sunday afternoon

Here is a montage of Sunday afternoon. The girls had a blast and my bathtub may never recover! I have to thank my Mom who taught me that it is more important to explore and have fun than to worry how much a mess is made. The mess can always be cleaned up, but the opportunety might not.

I promise to write alot more of what the girls are really up to soon! The girls love these montages! Seriously, I end up watching each one of the ones I've made everyday at least 3x's!


Rachael said...

oh, how fun! you have inspired me to let my little ones get even messier than usual. next warm day we are heading outside to eat...er, play with dirt!

gilloth/Edina said...

It seems these little ladies had a real good time!:))

Cochran Quads said...

Looks like so much fun! Good Job Mommy!!

Moni Graf said...

So right about the mess theory, but it's still hard to let go sometimes!

I love me some dirty Urech girls!


Meg said...

Look at them go! I totally believe in your mom's thoughts about letting them explore and get creative no matter how dirty they get!

Thank you for the comment regarding the loss of my friend. I know you understand how important and special blog/internet friends are. Hugs!

I will have to plan to bring my sweet treats to work on a Wednesday so you can join in the fun.

I am SO proud of Juju! She is doing awesome. She is such an angel.

The McNulty Family said...

loved it on fb! love it more on here!!

geesh mama.. we need to move to TX.. our kids would have so much fun together.