Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fashion Statements & Bubble Baths

Rayne decided to make a fashion statement today. All I can say is look out Project Runway!!!!
Yes, those are yellow/pink sandals with leopard print pants with a multi-colored, polka-dot rain coat!
Did you see what she is wearing??? There is NO WAY I'd wear that!

Splish-splash we're taking a bath!

Did you see the mess we made out of mom's bathroom! HAHAHAHAH, Don't think she'll be getting in that tub again!

They aren't kidding--It is a mess! But they had alot of fun. River will even lay on her tummy and say "I'm swimming!" And then when she gets up say "Mask on" with all of the bubbles on her face. They are getting just too smart!


Cochran Quads said...

SWEET!! Love the indiviuality coming out in the clothing, Hannah Noelle loves to dress herself!!!

Denise Wheeler said...

Too funny! Lucy and Markas are really expressing their own tastes too. It is so cool. The other day I pulled out 2 shirts for the boys, Markas looked at me and said, "mommy, not that shirt". What? Are you kidding me? He then picked out the shirts they were to wear. Too funny. I love the bubble bath pics. My bathroom always ends up being a huge mess too.

Fulton Quads said...

Love all the pics! It is amazing how they dress themselves. That is why we have cameras! LOL! We just inherited a pair of pink "mud" boot hand me downs. They all LOVE to wear them even Brendan! He is another girl didn't you know! LOL!
Love, cathy & the quads

Moni Graf said...

So smart, so beautiful and SO MUCH LONGER HAIR! Are you giving them prenatal vitamins?!?! What a gorgeous group of little fashion divas.

Love ya!

The Carlsons said...

looks like a lot of fun! you have 4 cute little girlies there!!!! :D

thanks for sharing!
-fellow quad mom of 1yo GGGG and a 5yo boy

Jac Tubre said...

Love the fashionistas and the bubble bath...too much fun!


Annie said...

Love the video!

rebekaah said...

Love the pic of the girls in the tub! Too cute!

Please if you can...

Please pray for this young Christian mother struggling with a painful and difficult medical decision for her unborn daughter.


Meg said...

Yeah for fashion statements and bath time!!!

Dorinda said...

You are a brave woman to let them choose their clothes! Right now I still decide for them - mainly I talk them into it - "don't you want to wear ladybugs today?!"

And the swimming is soo cute - I love when they do that. My girls "swim" in the ball pit all the time.

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