Friday, April 17, 2009

Some pics & more to come....

Here are some pics from Easter. We went to see my parents but it was the fastest trip ever! We left a day late & came back a day early because of weather. (So for all of you who I said I would let you know I was coming or when I'd be there, I'm sorry, but it was just crazy that week!)

My tree huggers!

Aren't they cute!

This is everyone after the egg hunt at the church. As you tell, the girls' interest was NOT on taking a good picture for me!

In the picture is my parents, my brother Jeremy (who the girls still ask for), and then us.

Art time at Noni's. My mom always did this when we were kids, so it was fun watching the girls do it. They loved it and especially since Noni lets them have free range in the kitchen.

Uncle Jer and JuJu

Easter Family pic '09

The Boss telling Beau how it needs to be.

Isn't the place gorgeous?? My mom is doing a line of pottery for them there at Agave Road.

Here the girls are a year ago. Can you see a difference????

Here they are TWO years ago! UGH!

I know I have a ton of updates and more pictures (surprise, I know! lol), but I still have to clean house. One of my bestest friends is flying in tonight for the weekend, and of course I still need to get the room ready.

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Kelly Trullinger said...

Wow! I can't believe how big they have gotten! Doesn't time fly??? Beautiful!