Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So much to say!

Life has been crazy busy around here! The girls are chatting away like crazy and sometimes we even understand them. Beau & I laugh that on our road trip to Noni & Pop-Pop's, River newest saying in the car is "push-a-button! Mommeeee-right there-pusha button" to make the dvd play. As soon as the credits start rolling, you can hear "pusha button". It is the funniest thing because she says it with such bossiness. I wonder where she gets that from??? The other new expression is I-luv-you! They all say, all the time. It truly can make your heart melt.
Hmm... other sayings.....
Rayne: Rockstar!, nice try, Yeah, Rayne! Good job! (she says this to herself when she has done something, usually something I would be saying the opposite too!!!!) Also, Rayne's newest thing is she will only wear certain diapers with certain characters on it. She will throw the biggest fit if you try to put on the Ernie diaper instead of Big Bird-Elmo one. I don't think this is a good sign for later..........JuJu will come up to you and now say "helloooooo JuJu Bean" especially if you don't say it quick enough. She is talking so much now! She will even grab a book and read it to you. (again, you may get a word or 2 out of it, but hey! She IS DOING IT!) Skye: sings the alphabet song ALOT! Reads to herself & her sisters at nap time. Her newest thing is to say "oh, no! Oh, dear!" complete with facial expression & hand gestures. She also now only calls JuJu, JuJu Bean. Her favorite request is to take a shower. Yes a shower! She LOVES IT!
River, besides "pusha button", is still the boss. She will tell you if you forget. And if you have something she wants, she will trade you for it. (basically she hands you whatever & then rips whatever she wants out of your hands). The girls are just getting soooo big! I can't call them babies anymore. sniff sniff.

Other big news, BIG NEWS! is Mom and I (mostly her!) have launched a new website Knitting Lagniappe . We are really excited about this. It is an adventure we have talked about doing for years that has finally come to fruition. My mom is one of the most talented, hardest working person I know, so it was alot of fun putting this together. We will also be vendors this weekend at the DFW Fiber Festival. You can also see more on her blog, Sony's world of mud & yarn.

Last weekend, my friend Nicole came up to see me. Last time I saw her the girls were still in the NICU. We had the best time and got so much in over the 48 hours she was here! One of the best things we did was a 3-hr spa treatment! Yes, THREE hours! It was a.m.a.z.i.n.g! And we got them to put us in the same room so we could keep chatting the whole time.

Look for some news on some changes that will be occuring in the homefront. To give you a hint.....Can you guess????

And of course, I can't leave without ALOT of pictures!


Cochran Quads said...

LOVE the bath pictures! So Sweet!!!! Push-a-button!

jag said...

GREAT video! Love that Skye's showing off her pretty red nails in her pic. Such a lady!

Anonymous said...

Those bath photos are some of those best photos EVER of the girls!! SO BEAUTIFUL! I love the one with Skye and Beau :) SO sweet!

Dorinda said...

Super cute! Love the photos and the video and the updates on the girls. I so wish we were closer - we have the same taste in clothes and our girls would get along famously!!

Hilary said...

Great pictures!! The viedo is great too :)