Thursday, July 9, 2009

Belated Father's present & pics

EDIT & Clarification....below!
I also had a picture done of all of his "girls". I think I love this picture the best because it truly captured everyone's personality. This was the LAST picture they took too! As some of you know, Beau was out of town for Father's Day, so I thought some updated pictures were the best gift for one of the best Father's & Husbands. Despite what the media is saying, I have found that having quads has made our marriage stronger, more loving, and more commited than if we hadn't. I know a big reason for that is because of Beau and how much he puts the girls and I first and only the best for us. WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!

As many of you know, this is a "house divided". I went to LSU (you know the World Series Baseball Champions!!!!!) and Beau went to TEXAS ( where the Tigers go to get a good slab of beef...hehehehehe). So for Father's Day this year I had the girls pictures taken in their TEXAS outfits. I have to admit they do look really cute despite the "rrrnge". I LOVE YOU HONEY!!!!

Daddy & his girls the morning he got back after being gone 2 weeks. They were so happy to have him back!
Daddy & his watching the water spouts & birdies
JuJu on the run!
(like you don't see that happen often, HA!)

River, Goddess in Training, commanding the water elements
For Noni, River's drawing of faces. She even pointed to each one naming them Mommy, Daddy, Skye, Rayne, River. She was upset with JuJu, so I don't think she got a "face". THough, she did still the colors!
Hmm.... That doesn't look like rain out there. Where is that bunny?

Did you see who is in my bed? Do you know what JuJu is up too?


No, Mommy, No pictures! Not the blog!

Yep, JuJu's latest feat. She climbs INTO bed, and then tries to climb ONTO the bookshelf. Yeah, she is the reason for a big chunk of my grey hair!
It must be noted that JuJu has learned this from her watching her sister Skye. I have video on that one, but for some reason it did not come thru! Working on it. Skye is the other major contributor to my grey hair.


jag said...

OH MY GOSH, MISTY! I can't believe how well JuJu climbs! Bless your heart!

The pictures were beautiful! Of course, my fav is the one of you and the girls, but they are all wonderful!

Andrea said...

LOVE that first picture of you and girls. What a great gift. Can't say I like that second one quite as much (only b/c of the UT clothes, not the girls, you know!) I was thinking of you during the CWS- how fun was that, especially for you?!
So proud of Juju, even if she is giving you grey hair!

Dorinda said...

Great photos! You must be so happy to have daddy home! Looks like the girls are too :)

Carol said...

They are all adorable but JuJu just keeps me in stitches looking at her pictures! Always up to some mischief. I can't believe she was able to get up on the edges of the bed like that.

Misty said...

I must clarify, that JuJu did learn that & was very motivated by watch Skye do it. That was her bed she had climbed into to do it!
Can I say "ugh!"

Suzanne said...

SOOOOO precious! love those girlies--and you, my dear, look GREAT!!! SOOO glad daddy is back. and ditto to the stronger marriage with quads! xoxo love you!

Fulton Quads said...

Misty I LOVE this post! Especially all of the pic's! They are SO cute!I don't know how you do it with him away! I would have MUCH more grey hair! & the climbing! YIKES! I think I have it bad when Cam wakes up in Brendans crib. I will never complain again! (=
Love, Cathy & her quads

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

OH I am scared now! I was hoping having all girls that it would be easier. I guess the girls can climb just like the boys (but better-haha). The pic of you and the girls is just gorgeous.

Cochran Quads said...

How precious!!!! Those girls are just too sweet!!!

Hilary said...

Love the pictures with you and the girlies!! So great!! the last ones crack me up...lookks like she's a great climber oh no!!

Charity Donovan said... look AMAZING in this picture & those girls of your's are pretty stinkin' cute too!!!! OMG JuJu KILLS me!!! Love that girl!

The Murray Crew said...

I'm not showing the last pictures to the boys so they won't get any ideas from your girls! Oh goodness gracious, Misty!

The group pictures turned out sooooo well!

Hugs and Prayers!