Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What to do when it's a 104!

It has been 100 degrees or MORE for the last 14 days. UGH! So what is a girl ( or girls) suppose to do? WELL...... we have said yes! to any and ALL pool party requests! On Sunday we went to their buddy Andrew's right next door (sorry no pics from that event) and went swimming & played on the swing set. He is trying to figure out girls I think since he has a little sister on the way. Congratulations again Deanna & Randy!!!!
And then yesterday we got ANOTHER invite to Ms. Courtney's. The girls have totally fallen in love with her & were jumping for joy when I told them this morning that Ms. Courtney was coming over & we were goign to her house to swim. They couldn't wait to get their suits on. I will confess that I do hold their suits hostage until sunscreen is on. It is the ONLY way for me to get it on them. UGH! Ms. Courtney with her posse....
Rayne chillin' with her wings
Skye's version of Heaven: sidewalk chalk, a pool, & limited clothing...... In her mind life couldn't be any better!
Of course, they had lots of pool accessories that the girls had to completely explore
River & Rayne
Poolside popcicles....yum! yum!
Ms Penny (Courtney's MOM) even brought out the hose. The girls had a blast with it too. (and I know their feet were greatful with the concrete so hot...thank-you!)
Ms. Courtney and her new best friends (at least they think so!)
Some very happy (and worn out) cuties!
Thank you again Ms. Courtney & Ms. Penny!!!!! The girls had so much fun and I know are looking forward to the next get together.
And things we did the other day when it was 104!


Suzanne said...

how flippin CUTE are those girlies!!??!?! i LOVE it! and 104 is RIGHT? ugh. we are dyin' here! love you

Kimberly & Alex said...

looks like the girls had a blast in the heat tho! way to make the best of it.

Charity Donovan said...

What a great day!!! Looks like a blast!!!! I love their little matching cover-ups!! So cute!

lovey said...

Too cute!!!!

Moni Graf said...

Nothin' better than a pool when it's this stinkin' hot out! The girls are adorable, as always. And those father's day pics are BEAUTIFUL!!! They turned out so well....I bet Beau was very pleased with his girls!

Love ya!

Amy-Jo said...

Oh so cute! Looks like they all had so much fun. Love the pictures on the way to the pool.

Kelly Trullinger said...

They are so cute! It's been hot here in FL too! Miss you!

Denise Wheeler said...

What cuties! I am so glad you guys are finding ways to combat the 100+ temps. We haven't had much luck with that as of yet. Life is getting interesting being inside all the time. I can't wait for cooler weather! Sorry I have been so absent from the blogs recently.

Dorinda said...

Oh my word, that sounds horribly hot! I can't imagine. Glad you're getting in some pool time! Should I rub it in that it's been beautiful here??