Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday with Four Little Sickies...

Our Monday morning really began at about 12:30am. Yep! Rayne woke up and sounded terrible. As should would say "Rayne-Rayne sick" followed with the biggest pout. (All the girls were running fever on Sunday, so it wasn't a totally shock). So out came the nebulizer. Of course by 8am, ALL of the girls were getting a breathing treatment. I mean seriously, you can't just do a few! It truly looks like a bong-party with the passing of the mask & the mist coming out of it.
So what does one do to entertain FOUR sick, almost 3 year olds, you might ask? EVERYTHING ONE CAN TO GET THRU THE DAY!!!!!!

Alittle morning Yoga to "bring it down"

Butterfly & Caterpillar poses (from the GAIAM Yoga kids videos)

Shopping with our best accessories, found at amazing discount prices--The FIVE-Finger-discount after raiding Mom's closet.

Hmm.... wonder where all the linens could have gone???????

Here they are!

This is better than the white sale at Macy's!
Ahh, Caillou & Elmo! Now that's good TV!
Hopefully tomorrow they continue to mend. As of this moment, there are still fevers, coughs, & stuffy, runny noses.


Kelly Trullinger said...

AWWW! Hope they are feeling better soon! Cn I go on a five finger discount at your house too?!

Mama Britt said...

Hi! I love reading about your children! I love their names, how did you chose the names? And not that it isn't beautiful, but how did you choose Julianna? It's so different from the others.