Monday, December 14, 2009

A little this, a little that

The Girls have been so enjoying the holiday season. It has been so much fun experiencing it with them. They LOVE all shows that are Christmas themed. And I know they are paying attention. The other day they found a Santa toy, where Santa is stuck in the chimney. River was so distraught over this & kept saying the Reindeer in my room could pull him out & help him. Sure enough, there was a Reindeer ornament in my room. She was a bit disappointed when her theory didn't work, but was confident that "Daddy fix it! Daddy will help!" (yeah, I rank real high around here). They have also LOVED having the Christmas tree up. But for now, here is alittle of the day to day around here.
This picture should explain why some emails may never be answered or received. DO YOU SEE ALL OF THE FINGERS???? This is also why there are so many video montages. The girls LOVE to watch & dance to them.

JuJu seeing how much toilet paper can fit in the toilet.

Yep, the whole role!
Good thing Mommy knows alittle bit about plumbing & has a plunger near by. Only an inch or so of water on the ground... No worries. A few towels, and a good mop. All is new.

The girls are still missing Halloween & decided to carve an apple after lining up the left over jack-o-lanter stickers. The butter-knife didn't give the look they were in search of & quickly abandoned that project.

Here is an attepmt of getting a picture of the girls together.

This is the best I could get with all 4 looking.

Aren't these expressions a priceless?

Here are the girls a year ago in the same sweaters. Actually, I just bought the same set of sweaters in a size up.

I know this pictue is alittle late, but it is our Thanksgiving Turkeys Hand prints.
Thanks Ms. Lisa for doing this project with us. I will treasure it always.


Scott Sheppard said...
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Scott Sheppard said...

Dorinda said...

Way too cute! Maybe not for you but for us it's funny :)

Love all the pictures - they are just beautiful.

And daddy is our "Mr. Fix-It" here too - he can do anything :)

Lauren said...

I love your new blog header! The girls are precious!

The Cochran Crew said...