Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello again!

So many updates, so little time! The girls were finally over there colds, but they seem to be returning or at least allergies. Beau survived a weekend alone with the girls. I think he was really glad I booked Emily an extra day. Yep, I took off to Chicago! I had such a great time and have a whole bunch of new friends. I met up with a bunch of MOMs from the QQS group from MOST (Moms of SuperTwins). They meet every year and this year I got to go. What is QQS? Quads, Quints, Sextuplets. We added it up and for the 7 of us there, we had 35 kids between us! Next year is in New York and I told Beau I'm going.
The girls are getting so big and are starting to say sentences! Yes, sentences!
"wha' happn?" "see you soon". New words are clothes, bath, jacket, frog, and way too many to list!
River's favorite word & sign: EAT, EAT! Hungry!
0-60 is less than 4 seconds. One second per kid. That is all it takes for this much destruction (much of which is NOT in the picture). German engineering has nothing on us! Oh, wait, Beau's family is German! Hmm....
River & JuJu learning a new skill with Ms. Sheila at Kindermusik.
Playdate with BOYS! The girls had their first playdate with the Sattler twins. It went really well, but their was a little confusion on whose sippy was whose.
JuJu had to show the boys exactly how it is down on the Eezy Peezy!
Skye helping JuJu (though I'm not so sure she really wanted it!)
They sat stumped by plot twist......hmmmm, what do you think?
Storytime with Daddy. They're listening, really!
Yeah, I'm working these shoes! She may think they are her's, but I'm thinking not! Just in case you wanted to see what the majority of the day really looks like! (and before you say anything, we are getting that well secured! or removed if I can find anymore space in the non-baby zone).

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