Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Miss Emily!!!!

Happy Birthday Miss Emily! May you be blessed with a great hair day and a fabulous shoe sale!!!! Love ya, River, Rayne, JuJu & Skye

The girls LOVE apples. It is one of their favorite things to ask for, sign for, whine for, ect. So today, on their 23month birthday, I decided to be different and I gave them a whole apple. They LOVED it. They each ate about 2/3's of their apples. Now, I won't lie. It was a mess and I'm still picking up chewed off apple skins on the floor. But, the important part was they loved it, had fun and we got to have a new experience. Smile.

The girls were finally well on a Monday to go to Kindermusik again. Today was alot of fun, but since the last time we went, JuJu went from crawling to walking during the whole class. It was so wonderful to see. Someone also brought in their newborn and my girls were so fasinated by this. JuJu kept wanting to touch the baby and the look on her face and the smile she gave to the mama just melted my heart.
Rayne danced her little heart out during class and River has decided that sitting with Aunt Liz gets her one-on-one with an adult with little to no share-ez. She loves that. JuJu, Skye & Rayne just fight over whatever space they can get on my lap. Isn't it nice to be loved?

I'm glad you got bloomers on especially if you plan on climbing to the top! Good thing your mama dresses you right!
Hey, do you think I can climb up there too????

The girls haven't mastered it yet, but they are attempting to climb into the beds. Not because they are tired, oh NO! It is so we can jump and carry on like monkeys! Again, smile......

THis is them looking after throwing everything out of the cribs so they have more jumping room. I swear this will entertain them for a good 30minutes!
I couldn't resist how cute they look in these two pictures.
Rayne kept stepping on River to get her to laugh. It is so fun watching them bond and play together now.


Dorinda said...

Oh so cute :) Love the "lap fighting" - we're working on taking turns because I just can't fit 3 in there at once! (and I don't have 4!!) My girls had their first apple last week - two loved it, one hated it - oh well, we tried and it was very cute.

And I didn't get a chance to comment on their cheerleading outfits - LOVE that even if I'm not from Texas...

Stephanie M said...

Hey, Misty! Your girls are so big. JuJu looks just like your husband.

I have a blog, too, now. Come and see us sometime!

Katja Stahr-Long said...

Whole apples!! They will never look back. Once I introduced that to my little ones they always wanted it whole. It is fun to watch them handle such a thing.