Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend fun

We had such a great time with my parents here. The girls LOVE their Noni & Pop-pop. THey are still asking for them. We did take them to the pumpkin patch with our local moms of multiples group, PAMOM. And even out to lunch. Here are some fun photos from the weekend. Oh, Pop-pop helped Beau put together their birthday present from Aunt Joy & Dana. They LOVE it!
We gave up a long time ago of having all of them looking at the camera. We're just glad we can get everyone in the same frame!

I just LOVE this picture of Beau with JuJu & River. It is just so sweet.
You should see the mess on the floor!

I'm telling you Pop-Pop, seriously, she has the stinky! I guess after being called a "flower child" that I'd have some of my own.

Ready, Set, Go!
Need I say more? This is just a part of my day. ( Before the comments come piling in, I usually belt them in, but it was a bit crazy that day, and happens)

It took minutes for them to figure out how to crawl and climb all over it.
We miss you Noni & Pop-Pop! See ya soon.


Moni Graf said...

Looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys! I love the pic of you and Beau with the girls - you look so pretty!

Glad the girls had fun with the g'rents and you all got out with other families with multiples. I've never joined MOST, but I just received a copy of Supertwins Mag from our area MOST rep. I'm thinking I'd like to sign up!

Moni and the G.Q. crew

Charity Donovan said...

Love the pumpkin patch shots...the new kitchen is adorable! i want to cook in that kitchen! lol!

rachael said...

looks like you had a great time! we went to a pumpkin patch this weekend too :)

love the new kitchen, so fun!

Denise Wheeler said...

Very cute. I love the pic of Beau with JuJu and River. It is a very sweet picture. I totally agree, if you can get everyone in one frame then it is a good picture!

jag said...

These are great pictures. You guys must of had a blast with the grands. Favorite pic would have to be the flower child shots. So cute:)

Brandy said...

Oh my goodness the looked like alot of fun!!! I love the pictures. Oh my husband deciedes on how big of a tip to leave based on the mess on the floor. The bigger the Mess more money for the waiters. LOL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mist,
Looks like you guys had a great weekend.. Wish I were there =) You and the girls look great!!
Miss you all,
Natasha (yaya)