Monday, February 2, 2009

A Sunday Afternoon (in Snotville)

Rayne with her flower pot. She wouldn't let it go and carried it around the whole time outside.
WOW! Mom finally let me out of the house! So that is what the sky looks like!
Are you seriously going to take a picture of everything we do?
Skye working on her masterpiece.
I have more really great shots to post. JuJu has only done a few other escapes thankfully. The girls have been fighting a cold or allergies and have been alittle cranky. (which makes mama cranky!) Otherwise, all is well here. I did post on my mom's blog some pictures of her latest pottery that I took when I got to see her last weekend. I have to say that getting away for 48hours can do more for one's soul! I got to visit friends, sleep, be creative and not once did someone throw food at me! But I was glad to know that they missed me as much as I missed them! And Beau has a new appreciation of my days at home with them.


Charity Donovan said...

Outside? What's outside??? Do we have one of those??? lol!!! Hope everyone is feeling better!

Dorinda said...

Beautiful girls! Love your photos :) I'm looking forward to the days when we can get outside again.

Jessie's Girls said...

Wow Misty, those girls are getting big! I haven't been over in a while because I took a break from blogging while we moved 5 states south. We went through the same cold spell down here in Florida and I felt very cheated! If I have to leave all my family behind can't we at least have nice weather???