Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Great Escape on the Coldest Day of the Year!

Today started at 21 degrees, the city frozen, and windchill in the single digits and one tired mama from getting up at least 3 times last night. Little did I know the Great Escape would be today! It is one that I think every parents dreads, pretends it won't happen to them, or just prefers to live in denial, but today I got to experience it!
I was sitting down, after my "angels" went down for nap, when all of a sudden a door flew open, and one VERY happy little girl came bouncing down the hall, clapping & yelling "yeah!". JuJu was beyond proud of herself. It took me a minute to realize, "oh, dear God, my last bit of sanity is now gone! They can get out of the crib!"! AHAHAHAH!

So, I firmly told her no, put her back to bed, only to turn around to have her by my side again! This was repeated ALOT. I finally gave up, got a book (and camera) and tried to read to them to see if I could get her to stay in. Fatigue finally took over and they took a nap. I have already sent my S.O.S. to all of my multiple MOMs. Beau will be assembling crib tents tonight.
Here is little Miss Sunshine in action!

I will admit that it took everything in me not to clap for her or to not laugh! She is so proud of herself and this is one thing she will always get to claim she is first at! Can you tell all those hours of PT & Little Gym have paid off!


Cherie said...

Oh Misty!

I'm jealous your girls made it this long!

Thanks for the entertainment on this very cold day. :)

The Ortega's said...

Yei!!! JuJu!! She did look so very proud (and really cute), I don't know how you held it together without clapping or celebrating with her. I dread this day as well and look forward to reading what the other PAMOM's have to say, although I know I still won't be prepared.

Anonymous said...

21 sounds warm here! We broke a record for our area the other day at a crazy -18!

Garrett Family said...

I am so scared of this!! Our oldest one never tried it but our 19 month old is the climber and I just keep waiting. I heard the tents work well - let us know how it goes - I may need to invest in one soon. When we moved our oldest to a toddler bed - to keep her from get out of bed and out the door we put one of the baby proof door knobs on and she is almost 4 and just now realizes she can leave her room.

Penelope said...

It's one of those milestones that is exciting and annoying at the same time! But since it had to happen sometime - I'm so glad it was JuJu!

Denise Wheeler said...

yay! I can say that here, JuJu can't hear. She did look very proud of herself.