Sunday, May 3, 2009

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming......

It seems like forever since I have posted, but I assure you I haven't been sitting around eating bon-bons! I have been crazy busy! Mom and I did awesome (well her mostly, actually ALL her)at the DFW Fiber Festival! She sold out of many things and only took home a very few. I am so proud of her! And she just found out that she will be in another gallery in New Orleans. SO COOL! (For those of you who don't know, that is where I'm from and will always be "home").
This past weekend, I spent in Arlington at the TMOM (TX Moms of Multiples) Convention. It was a blast and I was named the High Order Multiples Chairperson for TMOM for the new year. I'm excited about it and look forward to this new year with it. And Beau did survive a weekend alone with the girls. THANK YOU EMILY! ( She helped ALOT this weekend since Beau did have to work alot too). I'm working on a separate post of what happens when Mom's gone! SHEESH, is all I got to say!
We also got a new table this last week and have gotten rid of the highchairs! Can I say Hallelujah! We are still have some adjustments to the new table, but over all the girls are doing great and all of the old chairs have found new homes. YEAH!!!!! THough, I do still have the old kitchen table for the taking!
Well, I know most of you really just want to see the pictures, SO HERE THEY ARE!
The girls first meal at the new table. We are still waiting on the chairs, but we will now all get to eat together at the same time! ( or least it will be possible!)
Pasta night always requires a certian "attire". Skye knew exactly what was needed!
She really enjoys her food!
Uh, Mom!...... Mommy!?!!?! Are you looking at Skye?
She has now moved on to her sister's bowl. Note the color difference.
Yes, same meal. As I have said, she REALLY LOVES her pasta!
If she isn't bringing me a cookie, by GOD! I will get it myself!
Since the weather wasn't good for a picnic this day, they girls had one while watching "Caillou" (their new favorite show.... God help me!)
Mom and I on day 2, and very happy with how the weekend went!
I had a blast MOM & can't wait to do it with you next year!

Sisterly love at its cutest. Can you picture this just alittle different in 20 years?
Ya'll come back now, ya hear!


The Gerwer Babies said...

Seriously, they are so grown up! And they scale everything, i am sure that is what my future holds but i am tryign not to think about it! SO glad you and your mom had a good time too!

Dorinda said...

Such big girls eating at the big table! Nice table too :)

Glad your mom did well. What does your new position involve? I hope you enjoy it.

Denise Wheeler said...

Cute pictures. Congrats to your mom for doing so well. Congrats to you for the new position.

Annie said...

I love your blog. I have twin girls. I like the adventures of the girls.

My girls love Calliou, too but discovery kids changed the hour. can you tell me when the program is on so my girls can see it again.

Have a great week.