Sunday, June 7, 2009

Miscellaneous Pictures & stuff.

I got the girls some new "furniture". It has been a perfect place to chill, share ideas, have conferences and oh, yeah--- the whole "i-was-here-first/she's-touching me " battles have begun. (Hence why we have TWO of these instead of the orginal plan of one!)
Hmm... Hi River, Can I take that?
River- I'm going to keep pretending she is not in my face.
I don't know what all the fuss is about these Disney princesses is. I have much better hair than her, but I love the updo. Hmm... I wonder who her stylist is?
Now this is some fabulous, classic literature.
JuJu- Ya know Daddy, we will be breaking this again by the end of the day. Don't you just want to save yourself the time & just let me in now?

Ok, so Rayne, it started out "twinkle, twinkle little star"? Why not big star?
River, its a classic, silly! Just go with it. Relax. Chill.
Skye dancing and twirling to her morning Sprout (cable tv channel that plays all PBS kid shows).

These two have begun quite the "buds". They sit together to watch alot of their shows and will even save a place for the other. ( they will even guard it with force if necessary)
JuJu using the poor rocking horse for illegal activities. Can you believe that was mine as a kid? I won't tell you how old it is, lets just say it has seen a few decades.

This is the new game: how many ways to torture our mommy (yeah ME!). If you look close you can see she is pulling my hair. Horsey rides are a new favorite.

Hellooo Mommeeee!

Skye chillin' with some light reading.

Tada! River showing off one of her latest dance moves. She LOVES to dance! She is even now refusing to wear her pajamas to bed so she can wear her dress because it is better for dancing. (videos to come, I promise!)
So, how do I look?

River, Rayne & me.
A rare moment, all four in the frame! Woohoo! The girls are still doing Little Gym this summer and I think they have a crush on the new instructor-Mr. Travis. (Ok, River mostly. Seriously, it is hysterical to watch.)
River doing her best Punky Brewster imitation. She had to wear those bracelet/beads ALL day!

(should I tell her its a loosing battle? There WILL be MORE pictures!)

Look for some backyard & outdoor adventures soon. (and yes there will be LOTS of pics & video).


Lauren said...

Cute, cute, cute girls! :)

Hilary said...

Very cute!! :)

Andrea said...

So cute and I love the picture of the girls on your header!

King Quads said...

You have the most beautiful blue eyes!

I love all of the pictures...especially the one of the "buds" watching shows sweet.

Love all that pink around the Urech house!

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Lani said...

Oh, they look like so much fun!!