Thursday, June 18, 2009

Oh what a day!

So what could make four girls look so anxiously out a window? A boy? Daddy? Pretty flowers? Presents? No... A BUNNY!!!!! The girls were so excited. Begging to go out to see "bunneeee". I don't have to tell you how long he stayed around as soon as the door opened. He was out of there before you could say boo! Last week we had some horrible storms come thru and we were left with this. It has made playing out back a bit more adventuresome for me. The girls kept asking "wha happ-in?" "uh-oh....brokin" They then proceeded to yell up & down the alley for the bunneeeee. So today we got out! One of the MOMS in our local Moms of Multiples group, PAMOM, invited the girls to a Finger Painting Party! Amanda has two beautiful daughters and a gorgeous home. The girls had an absolute blast. Amanda even has the recipe to the paint on this blog, her cooking blog. This is Amanda putting some of the paint in the bowls she had stapled next to each piece of paper for the girls to paint on. GENIUS! I'm telling you, she had this SO organized and well thought out. I was in awe! And of course the girls LOVED it. Well, River, Rayne, & JuJu really loved it. Skye prefers a different media. She prefers coloring or pencil drawing. She can then be more precise & it is not so "dur-teee". She did get into by the end. JuJu & Rayne getting creating their masterpieces. Today was another first. Courtney! Courtney is one of our teenage neighbors who came to help out today. She was a godsend & the girls really enjoyed her. And I don't know if I would have made the day without her! Seriously, this was only part one of the day! (Before you wonder, Emily is busy on Thurs. she will be back here tomorrow). Rayne--Why are you taking all of these pictures? JuJu.... Hmmmm I wonder if I can paint the grass? River--Hmm... Do they have a different color than what I have? I wonder if that will mix well with the one I got? The other big attraction was this awesome sandbox! The girls thought it was the best! Do you see all of the kids? Amanda invited 2 sets of quads, a set of trips, 3 sets of twins---and those were the ones there! Did I tell you she was amazing? Now that is a super MOM! A rare picture of all FOUR in it! River still making sure of what everyone else is doing. Now onto PART 2 of the day! JuJu's auditory impairment instructor, Alexis, had a family picnic for all the families she sees to have a meet & greet. It was really wonderful & I did get to meet several people. ( At one time, JuJu was being considered for cochlear implants and was wearing hearing aides all the time-or the amount of time she would leave them in!). Again, because of Courtney, we were able to make it. Beau was unable to come because of work and I needed the extra hands at a park. The girls had an awesome time & we literally had to drag/carry them back to the car. And that was at 10 minutes PAST their bedtime! Skye really loved this bouncy horse. I think she loved that she could get on it by herself mostly and she could control it. River, QUEEN of the SLIDES.. She went down every slide, again & again & again. It didn't matter how big or tall it was, she was doing it! This is one of the little ones. Courtney with all the little ducklin's following her. Too cute! Super JuJu! This little boy had to come up & imitate her. She had been doing this off and on for awhile. I was just glad she didn't do the flip-over she does at Little Gym. Rayne has to wear her sweater everywhere. And yes it was a 100 degrees today. I was able to convince her to take it off, BUT she carried it everywhere adn would not put it down. It is kinda cute. Really glad I bought the same sweaters in several sizes when they went on clearance. Sheesh! The race to the top! Skye & JuJu. I know her PT will be proud. ha!


The McNulty Family said...

Freaking adorable Mist!!!! Have I told you lately how BEAUTIFUL your girls are?! JUST GORGEOUS!

Love you mama... you are amazing... simply amazing.

Miss you!!

Amanda said...

Thank you guys for coming. I'm glad you had a good time. I loved meeting your girls. :)

The Ortega's said...

Wow, looks like y'all are having a blast. Seems the bunny thing is universal ;o)