Tuesday, August 11, 2009

CAVO!!!! and Rockin' with my Quad Mama's

Saturday night I got the absolute pleasure of seeing CAVO live (and backstage!). For those of you who don't know, CAVO's lead singer is a dad of quads and married to the beautiful Beth Walker. CAVO was in town touring twith the Crue Fest & Beth flew down to see him (Thank to Ms Casey Gerwer!). It was a blast of an evening and can't wait for them to come back in town. AND if you haven't gotten it, you must get their cd..BRIGHT NIGHTS DARK DAYS

Quad Mama's at the show: Amy Jo, Casey, Beth, & Me
Amy Jo & I posing back stage with the band.

And just because..................

Beau with all of his girls on his birthday. All he wanted was to sit and have dinner in the dining room with homemade meatballs & spagetti ( a recipe I used to to "woo" him! he still loves it).

So I got the girls all dressed up & we had a fabulous dinner followed with Chocolate cake. River gladly declared that chocolate cake should be "ebbyday". I have to agree with her :)

This is a picture from last year on his birthday. It was the first time they ever ate at the table. They have grown & changed sooooooo much this last year.
I truly am a very blessed woman with such a fabulous hubby and beautiful girls.


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Beau! He looks so happy to be surrounded by his beautiful girls.
Kind of random- but I love that creamy yellow w/all the white woodwork on your walls. So pretty!
And last but not least- how fun to go listen to a rockin' quad daddy! Too cool!

The McNulty Family said...

Happy Bday Daddy Beau!!

Great post Misty, your looking smokin mama!!!

Love the pics of the girls from this year and last.. they grow up WAY too fast.

Love you!