Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Museums & Parks

On Saturday, we took the girls to the Dallas Nature Museum. It was a great social put on by our local moms of mulitple group, PAMOM. The girls had a blast.

Are we there yet????
Actually all we heard the way down, was "dinosaurs!!!!"

Before the museum realized what they had let in....
Princess Rockstar doing a sound check
The proper technique is...
Old McDonald had a farm... E. I. E. I. O......

Daddy & JuJu


Future Biochemist

Off to the BIG DIG!
I know there is gold in here somewhere
Still looking....
This entertained them for at least an hour. They loved it.
Rayne at the park today..... always accessorized

Those snowcones were good Mom! Isn't that a happy face?

Me & My Girls

The seat of choice

River.... loving every minute at the park today.

I have a ton of videos to go along with the pics... I know big shock. And lots more updates too. But for now.......

Also, please keep the Gerwer Quads, especially Reid in your prayers. Thank you!


Andrea said...

How in the world did you find those coordinating outfits they had on at the museum? Sooo cute- and with matching bows even! You are such a good "girl mama"!

Charity Donovan said...

That place looks AWESOME!!! Glad you all had a great day!!! Miss you!!!!

Cochran Quads said...

So precious!!! They are too stinkin cute! Love U!

Travis Hartley said...

Hey Sis :) love the pics, especially the one of JuJu's face after eating a snoball... too funny :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Looks like tons of funn!