Sunday, August 9, 2009

HOW long has it been????

I know it has been forever since I have updated the blog. But I have a great reason.... I left! Okay, it was only for 3 days, but what it takes to leave for 3 days? (did I mention I left for 3 days~ just ME!!! ) Well, last weekend was my high school class reunion and Beau being the most wonderful husband that he is, let me use some of his frequent flyer miles, rent a car, and go to New Orleans for a weekend. It was so wonderful. One of the best things was I got to go and see alot of my family that I haven't seen in a long time and drive by alot of my favorite places.
So, the first thing I did once I got off the plane, was to get as fast as I could to my rental car, plugged in the Garmin and headed to Baton Rouge........... Did you think I was goign to say the French Quarter? (hmmm...... keep reading.......) I got to Tiger Country & had lunch with none other but Jac Tubre. It was so great to see her and catch up before we got to go see her cupcakes. She has the cutest little cupcakes!

From visiting Jac, I went on to see my Grandma. She is one of the kindest women I know and NEVER has a shortage of food...GOOD FOOD! ( It was so awesome having all of my favorite Southern cooking. Mmm.. mmmm. good! Seriously, still salivating just thinking of it.) I can't tell you the last time I got to spend so much time with her. It was wonderful.

After leaving there, I went and had lunch with my cousin & his family. They just had a very handsome little boy and his big sis, Nora, came too. She is adorable. Then it was off to New Orleans to get ready & go to the reunion. I had a special date too..... Travis, my brother. Beau was home watching the girls, so my big brother came with me to make sure I didn't get into any trouble. hehehehehe...... Well, we did get home before the sun came up, that's good, right? hehehehehe

This is two of my friends from many years ago, Racheal & Eric. I seriously would not have survived high school went out them. Eric got me thru chemistry & physics. The reunion was a blast and my classmates who put it together did an amazing job. It was the first time for me to attend and hope to make the next one. I will say though, it was so refreshing to be back in New Orleans, have some beignets, walk thru the French Market & drive down some old favorite streets. It has changed alot since I lived there & more since Katrina, but it is still "home" for me. I have the BEST husband ever in that he watched the kids & said GO! I love him for it!

My last day there I spent with more of my family at my Aunt Terry's house. Again, never a shortage of food or drink OR laughs! Thanks Aunt Terry!

I know though, that most of you really only read the blog to see pictures of the girls. So, here you go!!!!

Anyone for a game of hide-and-seek? Peek-a-boo? Home demolition party?
Here are some pictures from a sculpture park Beau found while driving the girls around the day before (I was at a rock concert......more on that later). He had wanted to walk around with them but with the water, waited till we could go together. It was so worth it. The girls loved it & I was amazed that he even found this. It is in front of an office complex & right off a tollroad. It was beautiful & can't wait to do it again, especially when its not a 100 degrees.

A moving sculpture in progress!
Skye making sure the exact circumference of the circle.

JuJu looking so grown-up! I can't believe that we are only 3months away from them being 3! EEK! Where has the time gone?

River on a mission..... can you hear the theme to MI3 playing in the background?

Rayne properly accessorized as usual. She had the silver "sparkly" purse, with just a few accents....
Oh, Girls, trust me, I still have to almost run to keep up with Daddy and his long stride!

Stairway to heaven..... or at least an air-conditioned car. A MUST in TX heat!
Here is a veiw of the area. Isn't it gorgeous?

Attempt one at a picture.... oh, well...... we'll try again next time.
I promise to have ALOT more pics soon. (and to update more often!)


Suzanne said...

awwww!!! sweet pics! loved seeing your gma, bro, and high school buds. love the pic of daddy walking with his girls...and oh yah- loved that saucy little cajun queen, mah to the 'cakes! ;)

Charity Donovan said...

so fun! so fun! so fun! Can you squeeze me in the suitcase next time?!?! Holy H-E-double-hockey-sticks----Mrs. Jac Tubre is alive & well...who would have thunk it?!?!? LOL!!! I miss you girls! You looked hot momma at the reunion!!!! Loved all the pics! =)

Cochran Quads said...

Your eyes are just breathtaking!! I love the upwards look you always have!! Love the big pic at the top of the girls! So stinkin cute!!!! I'm so jealous of the Tubre Cake loving!!! I wish my babies wouldn't have been in the hospital and I could have come and hung with y'all!!! Love ya woman!

Amanda said...
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Amanda said...

Oh what park is that? JuJu does look like a big girl in that photo. I love how Rayne is carrying a purse!

(Sorry misspelled Rayne's name!)

Andrea said...

Love that picture of you and your grandma- two beautiful ladies!