Friday, June 6, 2008


I would like to introduce you to Lucy. She has been living with my parents since I was pregnant with the quads, and has now returned as of Tuesday. Needless to say, I think she is still in shock. She left the place of doggie dreams: a leather couch, endless supply of treats, a pool to lay by, her best friend Annie, and the "dog stealer" (my Mom-animals LOVE her! Even some of the neighborhood animals will come and "hang" at her house). She is now behind the gates in the "safezone" of the house or as I call it most days, the daycare gone bad! Overall the transition has gone well. Skye is in love with Lucy and can't get enough of her. Rayne is right behind her. River is warming up, but still gets scared. Now JuJu reaction was not what I expected, she totally freaks out! Today it is much better, but on Wednesday, it was ugly. UGLY! Big Tears, instant cries, cling to mama/dada for dear life! The fun thing was to move Lucy out of sight, she would feel better, but the Skye would start because she wanted Lucy. 4 babies, 4 reactions, 2 polar opposites......and this will be my life forever more...........:)

Now for some fun pictures!

Good Morning Lulu! I'm Skye and will be your tour guide at this resort (ha!). I do hope you enjoy your stay.
We have a variety of delightful beverages for you.

There is also many recreational activities. Do you like to play ball?

Rayne will be available to assist you with any leisure reading you may be looking for. Today selection is all about snowballs, which is quite refreshing with it over 90degrees outside. (We won't mention the 100 degress plus heat index).
All food will be checked for freshness and proper temperature. You will all receive first dibs on all leftovers
JuJu is obviously not pleased at Lucy's return, though as of this morning, she is adjusting much better to it.

This is where you want to drink from. I know, Mom keeps trying out all these crazy things. One day she'll get is right........or just quite buying the "oh-that-looks-cool" at Target.
The plotting begins....... How can we take this apart and then stick all of the smallest pieces in out mouth, and then fight over it?
Here are some flashbacks to what we looked like a year ago. We weren't even mobile yet.
Hope you enjoy the pictures.


Jennifer said...

your children are darling. thanks for visiting our blog. hope JuJu warms up to Lucy :)

Cherie said...

How fun! My boys love our dog, Riley.

Btw, having a dog is the greatest way to clean up after multiple toddlers!


Denise Wheeler said...

Welcome to Lucy! I hope JuJu warms up and loves her very soon. My trio love our dog, Rocky and are cat, RumTum Tugger. The dog isn't quite as in love with them though.