Monday, June 9, 2008

Thanks Nikki!

I had the blog personalized by Blogs for a Cause by Nikki I had seen her work on some other blogs and really liked it ( and I am just not the creative or computer savvy. Luckily, there are other people in the world who are!!

The girls and Lucy are getting along great. JuJu is no longer freaking out and will allow Lucy to be in the same room with her. River is still much more reserved, but loves to tell her "HI !". Skye & Rayne continue to be enchanted by her. It is so cute how they follow her around while Lucy seems so indifferent to them. Lucy is making herself right at home and has become the best clean-up crew imaginable after meals & snacktime. It is making my job much easier!

River & Skye have decided that their new favorite game is to walk around the room holding my hand. Well, it is apparently a very fun game that is catching on. In fact we play this game many, many times a day and evryone is joining in. The girls come up, grab your hand, the other ones fight for the remaining hand, and then they want to walk around the house and circle the couch a million times. Beau even got involved and we laughed at how funny we must have looked each with two girls on our Sunday afternoon stroll.

River has mastered a new sign, EAT! The girls have been watching the Signing Times videos and are really starting to pick up more signs and language from it.

Yeah, you're cute!!!

Skye in a moment of pure bliss as she is the ONLY one in the ball pit!!

Ready or not, I'm coming in! Wahooooo!!!!!!

Tickle, Tickle!!!!


Dorinda said...

Wow! You are already blog savvy :) I think it took me a year before I did anything different with my blog other then what my husband had set up for me!! It looks great though.

Hey, a hand-holding game is a great idea. You and Beau each have two hands - it's perfect. Keeps 'em put when you're out right? Now if you actually want to DO anything you're in trouble :)

Denise Wheeler said...

I love the new look! It looks great. The pictures of the girls are too cute. I am so glad you started this blog!

Quad Squad! said...

You are SO not alone! I'm glad you found me! I saw on your blog that you have also already found my other quad friends, the Steeces and the Murrays. Check out the McNulty quads too. There's a link on my blog. They are just starting potty-training!