Monday, December 29, 2008

A little catching up

I promise to have more pictures & a better post up soon. I wanted to let everyone know that JuJu was chosen as a success story by ECI this year. ReadyStart, the local ECI program, wrote an article about her on their new blog. They had to for confidentiality reasons use another name, but since I'm the MOM, I can say who it is!!!! I truly cannot say enough good things about the team of therapist who have worked with JuJu from ECI. Her other miracle worker is Ms. Sally and ALL of the staff at Integrative Pediatric Therapy. JuJu has seen Sally Fryer since she was 3months old for Craniosacral Therapy. The combo of ECI, the cranio, JuJu's inner drive and all of the prayers for her, have created the miracle that today keeps me on my toes (and my hair grey!).

THANK YOU to ALL of you with all of the nice comments on the pictures of the girls & our family. One of the members of our local MOMs of Muliplies group, Carey Lynn of Carey Lynn Photography did the photos. She will tell you for each person in the shot is how many she had to photoshop to get all of us in one picture! The pictures came out great.

As for Christmas, the girls LOVED it! Rayne's favorite new word is "prezin". River took no time in figuring out how to get into the presents and all packages that now come to the door are assumed to be theirs! Favorite toys of the day: noisy magic fairy wands, m&m's (they are my children, of course chocolate would be in the top 5!), a walk on piano keyboard, and the stuffed animals from Noni. And like most 2 year olds~ the wrapping!!!! Oh, the anticipation!!!!! Santa! Presents! Chocolate & Coffee! Oh wait, that is for me! Hehehehehehe

I don't think they knew where to go to first, but were mostly in awe that they got behind the gate!
The musical keyboard. It truly should come with a bottle of motrin. Skye LOVED to jump from key to key. Rayne was content with a stroll, and JuJu couldn't press enough different spots at one time! River analyzed it and then tried to dictate, sorry direct everyone.

Noni & Pop-Pop with the girls. It was so awesome having them here on Christmas morning.

And before I forget.........CONGRATULATIONS to both of my brothers!!!!!!!
Jeremy & Natasha announced they are expecting!
Travis proposed to Angie and she said yes!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!


Tubre Quads said...

Yeah for JuJu! The Christmas pictures look like so much fun...I can't wait for next year!

Misty - I have to tell you that YOU are the reason (along with Beau and the Big Man upstairs, but that goes without saying) that JuJu is where she is today. She is a little fighter because you help her to be one. Your encouragement to her to be all that she can be is what has put her where she is today. When Tyger got MRSA at just a few days old and weighing only 1 lb 8 oz you were the encouragement I needed to get me through. I thought he wasn't going to make it and while you explained that JuJu had developmental delays from that horrible infection, that was music to my ears because the alternative or making it out of the illness unscathed seemed unimaginable. Tyger and JuJu need to meet one day soon so those preemie, quadruplet, MRSA survivors can give each other a big hug...and if Danna doesn't mind too much, maybe Tyger can give her a big smooch (on the cheek of course Danna) :) We love you and your girls and I can't wait to get together! Planning a trip back to the swamp anytime soon???? Please???

Love ya,

rachael said...

oh wow, the pictures are beautiful and perfect! i love them :)

juju is just incredible, i cannot wait to read her story. thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Charity Donovan said...

Yay for JuJu! That is just amazing! That little girl rocks! Your Christmas pics are beautiful!

Moni Graf said...

Go JuJu, go! Your KS Quad buddies are SO proud of you!

Misty and Beau, they Christmas photos (and card) are BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for thinking of us. You have so much to be thankful for and proud of.

Love ya,

Moni Graf said...

P.S. I consulted with Danna and she agreed it would be appropriate for Tyger and JuJu to express their sign of friendship with a hug and "European" kiss....NOT a French kiss...she meant the double cheek kiss thing! But he's gotta save the lips for only her.

Tripletblessed said...

The batteries for that piano wouldn't last to long at my house I'm sure! Looks like all had fun.

Congrats on JuJu that is wonderful, awesome news! I'm so excited for her and you.