Monday, December 8, 2008


Well as I was finishing the last post, the weather warning started showing up on the tv, so like a good girl scout I decided to pay attention. GOOD THING! The tornado sirens went off about 5 minutes later! I had already started de-cluttering our "safe zone" and even threw in a flashlight & some books. I was looking to see what else would be significant to throw in and how to get the girls in there by myself. So I threw in my purse when the siren went off! Oh, did I mention Beau is out of town!
Well, I now know I can get 4 kids out of bed, carry 2/herd 2, usher the dog, grab blankets & binkies, and corral into the safe zone! Oh yeah, and pray to GOD! All of course while my four angels are screaming their heads off. Oh, except JuJu, she was still not completely awake yet. It is alittle humorous now, but they were screaming so much & I was trying to keep them calm, that I couldn't hear the all clear. I could hear the tower giving out some sort of announcement, but not what it was.
The tornado didn't touch down and all is now calm. I think I will NOW have a glass of wine, or 2 or 4 or....... Who am I kidding?


rachael said...

how scary, i am glad everyone is safe!

Dorinda said...

I am so glad that everyone is okay! Scary!

And amen to the extra coat of paint! We JUST painted the basement this weekend - wasn't even done and already the girls were drawing on it - what is the deal?!

Denise Wheeler said...

So glad everything is OK. Hopefully, you don't have to go through that again anytime soon.