Monday, December 8, 2008

Taking it easy & talking up a storm

We have had a language explosion here! Full sentences, new words, gestures, ect. It is almost scary. I asked River where was something, and she goes "here it is". Rayne & Skye are counting to 13! And the four together point out and tell you what's going on in the Pooh movie now. The cutest thing is the care of their bears & dolls. And dressing! (and undressing....) Skye is putting on socks by herself and Rayne is putting on her own jackets. JuJu has managed to master undoing her diaper underneath her pj's. We now know to look and see if there is any off centered lump. She thinks its hysterical and will stand in front of you to do it.
This last week we have been laying a bit low with some minor colds & one ear infection. Because of this we have discovered a new pasttime-coloring! We love to color now. And it is mostly done on the paper. Well, the walls could use a fresh coat of paint, or 2.....

Now this is definitely the way to watch "Pooh".
One cookie, two cookie,..... oh! and the stash over by the pillow. I "shared" really well today.
I don't think green is my color, do you? Also, who do I talk to about getting a more comfortable chair?
Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby? She was so asleep when I took this.

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