Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Roaming around the neighborhood

With the weather so nice & the girls so active, I have taken them by myself!!!! on walks around our block. They LOVE it! If you ever come to my house becareful of saying words like walk, shoes, outside. Hysteria will ensue! I will say it takes as long to get them ready, as it does for the adventure. Though, they do love their new walking shoes. I mean a girl needs the right shoes for each outfit & event! And if it seems walking puppies would be easier, it is!

View this montage created at One True Media
Roaming around the neighborhood!


jag said...

This was a GREAT video montage! Loved the music, loved the graphics, loved EVERYTHING! MUST get monkies for my monkies when they're mobile!

Moni Graf said...

How cute! It looks like the girls stopped at every bush (or fire hydrant) to check them out, too...JUST like little puppies. Good job on getting them all ready to go and taking them by yourself. I know what a feat that is!


Charity Donovan said...

Roam if you want to...roam around the world!!! Love that song! Looks like fun but a lot of work! I'm sweating already just thinking about getting my 4 puppies ready for some adventures when the weather gets better. I better start training for it now! lol!

rachael said...

we did the same thing yesterday! only without leashes. we only made it about a block though before we had to turn around :)

Amanda D said...

that was too cute. I had a picture in my head while watching them. It would be cute if each girl held the "tail" of the girl in front of her, and you made a train going down the walk! I wanted to take my girls out in their new wagon yesterday since the weather was so great, but we are stuck indoors with RSV. Your girls are so precious!

Kelli said...

LOVED your montage Misty! The song you chose was perfect :) I took my boys for a walk yesterday with the monkey backpacks too.....and on our way to the park, they did great.....but they were WILD on the walk home! I think you are amazing to be able to do it with 4! I think it is crazy with just 3!

Your girls are SO precious!

Dorinda said...

SOOO very cute :) I haven't even tried taking the girls for a walk - no time in Florida and too cold in VA so maybe when the weather warms up. You have inspired me.

And yea for JuJu - she is doing so great!

Anonymous said...

Your precious girls are not some kind of freakin' animal, and you shouldn't treat them like it.

Get rid of those stupid leashes.

Misty said...

Dear Anonymous,
While I can understand your concern, it is for MY concern that I use the leashes. IF I had one, maybe 2, I probably would not use the leashes. However I have FOUR 2 year olds who love to go outside and love to walk around the neighborhood and run crazy. It is for their safety & mine that I use the leashes. I would much prefer my kids to be able to go out & experience the world safely than be negligent & get them hit by a car or locked inside. My guess is you do not have quads or multiples & do not truly understand the need or the value of our "backpacks".
And on a side note, my kids love them.