Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Birthday PAAAARRRTYYYY!!!!


The party went so much better than I could have ever hoped. The girls, their friends and even the parents all seemed to have a wonderful time. Again, I couldn't have done it without the help & support of my mom, Beau, Emily and my quadmamas. Watching the expressions of delight on each of their faces during the party already has me thinking of their next one. So now you know when & where the party was (previous posts), here are the photos from it finally!

While we were setting up Ms. Courtney came to visit us before she went to cheer. The girls adore her!
Ms. Rayne

Noni giving Skye a hand.

Mr. Cuteness! Isn't that the most precious smile?
The Hickey Triplets. Candace and I were pregnant at the same time and have gone thru the adventures of having multiples together.
The Steece's Pieces. Suz is one of the quadmama's and one of the sweetest people I know. They came all the way from Ft. Worth to join in the fun!
THe Sattler boys. Heartbreakers in the making! Kelly & I met at PAMOM on our first night there & have been friends ever since. She is one person who can always make me smile. And her boys are ALL boys! It is so fun to see!
Ms. River climging away. Suzanne & Marcy, in the background, came to see the girls in action after hearing all of the stories from Beau at work.

One of the many activites that had for the kiddos.

Can you believe all of those kids? Crazy! But so much fun. Oh, and the lady standing in the back, that is Beverly my college roomate. She came with her 2 beautiful daughters.
Cupcakes & ice there anything better? From the look on Andrew, he enjoyed them too!
Lucia and her mom come to class with us every Friday and it was so fun having them at the party with us!
Skye sitting with all of the boys.
After the party at Little Gym, we headed home to feed the Birthday girls something besides sweets.

One lesson learned during the continued celebrations at the house..... turn off the fan before you let go of the balloons. Oops! Hey, its not really a party till something is broken right? (well, in our case it was several, but who's counting?)
Aunt Liz helping the girls with some of the many, many, MANY presents the girls got. Everyone was so generous and we are truly grateful!
The girls opening their present from Daddy the day after. A rare moment indeed, all four sitting nicely together and even, more rare...playing together nicely for more than 2 minutes!


Kelly Trullinger said...

Aodorable! Looks like they had a wonderful time! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Keith and Jessica said...

So fun! We were bummed we got sick and had to miss it. Next time!