Monday, November 16, 2009

The Invitation...and Fight for Preemies

Little girls and fairy wings,
These are a few of our favorite things.
Sprinkle yourselves in pixie dust,
And, celebrate their 3rd with us!

Your presence is enough,
We have plenty of stuff.
It is you we want to see,
So no presents please!
Friday, November 13th at 4:30pm at LITTLE GYM of Plano on Preston.

Much thanks to Jenna Walker & Charity Donovan for their help with the Birthday Rhyme & party favor suggestions! At the party we had over 15 kiddos- quads, triplets, twins, and four singletons... and then our girls. It was craziness at its best!
I cannot say enough good things about the staff (Thank you so much Mr. Travis & Mr. Zach) for their help in planning & running the show! They even hung the decorations, blew up a ton of balloons, set-up all the stuff & cleaned it up once done! We LOVE LITTLE GYM!
(pictured: Mr. Travis with his guitar & JuJu)
stay tuned.... more to come, I PROMISE! (no naps make blogging a challenge!)
On another important matter is today is National Preemie Awareness day. We were beyond blessed in that our girls were born healthy but they were born at 30weeks---TEN weeks early! Going home alone after having your baby (or babies) is hard. But the fight those littles have in front of them is much harder. It is because of organiztions like March of Dimes and BLoggers Unite. I hope you take a moment and check them out and join!
and here is an old post on this earlier this year:


Charity Donovan said...

Girl...I wish I could have been there to see the girls in all their fairy glory!!! So sweet!!!! Can't wait to see more pics! =)

Keith and Jessica said...

So sad the kids were sick and we had to miss it. Next time!

Anna said...

Adorable invite wording! Wish I couldve been there to see the girlies turn 3! Love, Anna