Saturday, November 7, 2009

Geaux Tigers!!!!!

The Girls are in the FIGHTING SPIRIT!!!! (ok, more ways than one, but we won't go into that now..laugh-out-loud!!!!)

Thanks to Steve and Tammy for the tiger!!!!! As you can see it is well loved and an instant favorite and new member to our family.

I love you Mike the Tiger!

You can see the giggles of delight!

What college is really about, studying & reading!

When does the game start & where are the snacks?????

aaawwww, another hug for Mike

Good Boy!!!!!

More love for the Tiger
And as JuJu shouts..."GEAUX TIGERS!!!!!!! WE'RE NUMBER 1!!!!!!!!"


The Cochran Crew said...


Dorinda said...

Great pictures :) They look adorable in their uniforms - can't wait to see them in ten or so years when they're cheering away in high school!

Anonymous said...

Hello, DO you know why the AZ Crisantis Went Private?? I checked their Blog Last night & today POOF it was Private : ( , I Hope no one was Mean or Rude to them, If you know can you put it somewhere.