Friday, July 18, 2008

Cover girls & Cowgirls

Well, first up is the Girls are the cover models for the July e-newsletter for MOST (Moms of SuperTwins). What a surprise when I opened the email and they are my little darlings! I hope you check it out. I will say I honestly cannot say enough good things about this organization or the women involved. The support we got from there when we found out we were having quads was amazing! It is how we found out about Dr. Elliot & PPA. And if you are a MOM of triplets or more, you should definitely check MOST out.
Now for the cowgirls...... My sister-in-law came to visit us and she brought the girls some cowboy hats. They were having so much fun this morning modeling them.
Skye very much enjoyed wearing and modeling her hat all morning.
Natasha was also brave enough to eat on the couch where the girls could reach her. Needless to say I don't think she got very much of her scone.
Ohhhh, You are sharing right? Sharing is caring!
Yeah, I like my piece alittle larger. Make sure I get ALOT of the blueberries!!!
Please, Aunt Natasha, help me with my hair! Mom doesn't have a clue what to do with all my beautiful curls. She just truly doesn't have a clue!


Dorinda said...

I just saw that! I opened up the newsletter and saw the beach theme which I recognized and then I scroll down and see your girl's picture. How cool is that?!

Annie said...

Yay on the CoverGirls!!!! Watch out, Hollywood! :)

Charity Donovan said...

Congrats...that is awesome! I am LOVING their overalls (bibbies as my grandpa calls them) in theses pics! So cute!

Donna said...

That is so neat!

Thanks for the tip on where to the balls. I have to say that slide and ball pit has been a life saver. :)

I don't think I am on the yahoo list. Can you email me the link?


The Carlsons said...

hey, how'd you get on the cover? that's very cool!

you have some cute little cowgirls there :) ! gotta have some big ten gallon hats livin' in TX ;)

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

Ashley said...

We say "Sharing is Caring" too!! :)

Denise Wheeler said...

I too saw that girls on the MOST e-newletter. How very cool!! I love the cowgirl hats. Too cute.