Thursday, July 10, 2008

Featuring MISO Pottery by Noni!

If you live in the Houston/Katy area and are free this Sunday, I invite you to go to a wonderful art showing/gallery!!!!
My mom, Sony Hartley (aka Noni) and her friend & artist Marissa are hosting this gallery opening. There will be several other artists also showing their work. I am just so proud of my mom for following her dream and her amazing artistic creations. She put much of this on the back burner while raising me & my brothers and is now free to do them all. And if you are in the area, she also teaches knitting at Yarntopia and is the MOST patient teacher you will ever have. These were some of her creations that the girls are wearing. In the flyer her work
Have a great show Noni! We love you!

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Denise Wheeler said...

Congrats to your mom. I wish I lived closer. I would definetly go and check it out.