Thursday, July 31, 2008


I have alot of thank-you's and updates. First a HUGE thank-you to my parents for watching the girls while Beau & I spent a weekend in LaJolla, CA for a beautiful wedding. We had a fabulous time touring the area, eating out, and just spending time with each other. I forgot how much fun we could have together, even if it was just driving around. The Girls had so much fun with my parents that they still are asking for Noni & Pop-pop. My nieces and my brother also came in town to play with the girls while we were gone. I really don't think they noticed we were gone. From what I hear, they wer have way to much fun! Thanks Travis, Kayla, & Alexis for helping out. Hopefully I'll get to see you on the next visit!
Also, thanks for all of the well wishes with the a/c. Dallas Plumbing had it back up & running within a couple of days. We got put on a waiting list, and ended up getting fixed the next morning! Thank God!

It is amazing though how much the girls grew over just 4 days. They are talking soooo much more, even JuJu, and the clarity in their words is great. Of course, "more", "tv", "bubbles", and "eat, eat" are the main words.
I will try and update more on each of the girls later, but I thought you would enjoy the pictures.
Also, thanks to Yaya (Aunt Natasha), for her guest blogging. River & Skye were both asking for Yaya today.

Hey Daddy, I can almost fill your shoes! (JuJu is thinking, "yeah, right! Mine turn!").

We're chillin'. Boy this episode of Elmo has got to be the best. Yes, I really like the production lighting in this sequence. Oh, me too. Do you think we can get a refill on these drinks?

I'm styling. Ballet anyone?
Now this is what needs to be on 24/7. Enough said!

I'm cute!
Now this is relaxing! My Elmo chair in the ball pit, could it be any better?

This was the last of our Kindermusik class that the girls really enjoyed. Mom & Dad stayed alittle longer just to go with us to class (and help me out ALOT!). We will hopefully take more of the classes in the fall.<


Anonymous said...

I know im terrible, i havent commented inforever. BUT CONGRATS ON GETTING AWAY!! You deserve it!
It really is amazing, the girls look like little girls now and not babies :(

Denise Wheeler said...

I am so glad you guys had a good time and were able to spend time alone. I love the pictures.

The Carlsons said...

how awesome to have gotten away sans kids! and to sunny la jolla! i'm jealous ;) i hope you enjoyed every minute of the trip!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

p.s. i hope you received our announcement! let me know if you didn't.

Katja Stahr-Long said...

Misty, how fortunate you are to have family to lean on in order to get away with your hubby. I wish I had that luxury. Steven and I haven't been away together without kids in a very long time. The girls look so cute in their pictures.

Keith & Jessica said...

Love the tu-tu's!

Saw your little ones on the cover of the MOST newsletter. Cute!