Monday, July 7, 2008

First Annual Wine-Making Festival!!!!

Yep!The girls were the star attraction at the Wine-making Festival at Chez Pop-Pop. The girls were in charge of mashing the grapes and, as you can tell, they were quite good at it! (ok, so it will be a work in progress, but it was fun!). My Dad has grown some grapes in his backyard and decided to make wine with them and who better to prepare the grapes for turning them into wine?! Of course the feet had to be cleaned........

ooh, that feels nice Dada! Don't forget the little toe! Are you going to paint my toes too? I think I want Hot Pink this time!

The grapes!
Skye &Rayne are the first to start stomping!
Are you sure we should be doing this?
Seriously? Do you know what this feels like? Is this just so you can have some pictures for the blog? (why, yes!) And I have to wait 20years before I can even get a sip of the wine? (why, yes! But that is assuming there will still be some left....)
JuJu showing them how it is really done.

The Princesses of the Round Table convene to discuss and review the days events. "Next year we will have to have better pedicures before stomping on the grapes especially if they insists on taking pictures! Ok, now for the next plan of attack!

I know! I know!!!!!!! First, I'll create a distraction of some sort and then ya'll can.......
Oops....... I don't think the plan is working. We're busted!
Hmmmm, what is this white, creamy, sweet stuff? I must have more!
OH! Straight from the can is definitely the best! THANKS Noni!!!!
Darn, I really wanted the comics! And why is Fox news on again? I know I requested the Elmo be played 24/7!!!
I miss Pop-Pop & Noni!!!!
She has whipped cream and M&M's, not all this "healthy" stuff. Ugh!


Dorinda said...

Great photos. I can't wait till the girls are old enough to read what we write about them. For the first few years they'll be interested, then they'll be embarassed and then they'll be interested again. Right now Kaitlyn is fascinated with my blog and always says, "Quick, mom, take a picture of this for your blog!" Too funny.

And I do believe your girls actually said all those things :)

MaryBeth said...

That last picture had me cracking up... I imagine that is exactly what my four girls feel like when they are eating at home for the first time after being over at my mom and dad's.

Tripletblessed said...

Girl that is the funniest thing I have read today!! You are great at this blogging thing your girls will be so proud or embarassed later!

Denise said...

Too cute!

I would love to use the grape stomping picture on my wine food pairing blog!


Denise Wheeler said...

Ok, seriously, that was too funny! I love the grape stomping pictures.

Andrea said...

I love your commentary on all the photos! So funny!