Wednesday, July 2, 2008


WOW!!!!! It is the favorite word of the day/week for the girls. And once it is said, it is then said a 100x's X 4!! There have been a few "WOW's!" this last week that I can't wait to share!
First and most importantly, JuJu took 2 steps!!!!!!! (and not just once, repeatedly!!) She is still working on her balance and confidence, but it is sooooo close! Her sisters will truly be in trouble now. And for other JuJu news, we say the hearing specialist yesterday. By the looks of her last hearing test and with how well she is doing..........he talked about the possiblity of not even needing the hearing aides!!!!!! Wahoo & WOW!!!! Last year at this time we were discussing cochlear implants and now they are talking about not needing anything!!!! She is such our miracle baby. Again I thank-you, I thank-you and again, I thank-you for all of you who prayed for her. There were several times we weren't sure she would even come home with us from the hospital and now..... as the girls say "WOW"!!!!!!
For our second "Wow", but not as big as the first, I took Rayne & Skye down to Katy, TX while Beau stayed home with JuJu and River. This is the first time the girls have been seperated like this. They did great! JuJu walked for Dada and River took care of him. :) Rayne and Skye got introduced to MnM's and McDonald Happy Meals! Skye even did alittle skinny dippin'. It was a great trip. Though I have to say, if anyone knows of some good bathrooms along 45 between Dallas & Houston, I would love to know! Everyone was happy to be back together, but Beau and I both did enjoy getting alittle more one on one time with the girls. Next time we will switch out.

Emily painted our toes for us!(well, the girls anyway) This has helped alot in them now knowing what toes are. Before you ask, they were all well secured in their high-chairs eating lunch when she did it. She is so smart!!!!
And lastly, I finally decided to be brave and have a "wow" day with the girls! I hitched up the stroller ( some refer to it as the beast, Beau calls it the "Bat-mobile")and the girls and I went to Target & to the grocery store. We had a really good time, no melt-downs, and lots of comments. I was glad that 99% of them were very nice comments and the one I heard that wasn't, was not directed to us but to whoever they were on the phone with. Now back to the word "WOW!". The girls said it everytime we rounded a corner or they saw something cool. Rayne told everyone we passed "bye, bye" and River & JuJu kept saying "uh-oh". Skye just pointed to everything and said "more?". Of course all of this is going on while I pushes the stroller and pulld the cart. My big "WOW!" was I didn't hit anyone or anything with either the cart or the stroller. Though, people did give us alot of space!
I will try and get some more pics & video up later, but thought I would let you know of all of the fun going on here!


Dorinda said...

Yea JuJu! That is awesome. WOW! And the toe painting is adorable. We haven't tried that yet but as much as the girls like their nails clipped they would probably love to have color on their toes :)

Tripletblessed said...

Yeah JuJu that is awesome news!!!
My girls love to get their nails painted, James to but he gets clear!
Good for you for getting out by yourself thats wonderful, some day we will have to meet halfway 7 kids 2 adults we could get lots of stares!

Annie said...

Oh I am so proud of JuJu!!!! She sounds much like my "miracle" girl Katie...........I am so proud of each little thing she has accomplished this past year! That is truly GREAT news about her hearing doing so well! So excited for your family!!! :)

Denise Wheeler said...

Wow!! That is so awesome about JuJu. You go girl!! Glad your trip was uneventful and you guys were able to have some one on one time. It is so hard to find with three, I can't imagine what a challenge it is with four.

Tubre Quads said...

Way to geaux JuJu! Glad you ventured out with 2 and daddy had a fun day with the other 2. Yall are doing great!

Love ya,

Charity Donovan said...

Yeah for JuJu! Congrats on what sounded like an awesome day out! I still haven't mustered up enough courage to do it by myself...soon though. The picture of the painted cute! Love the 4th of July shot as well! I would love to add you to my blog roll as well, if you don't mind! Have a safe & happy 4th!

MaryBeth said...

Congrats JuJu!!! Those really are all WOW worthy happenings!?!