Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing Together

The Girls are really starting to play together, but they are also learning to work together. One of them is opening the babygates. UGH!!!!!

Other cute things are the crazy phrases said a million times a day:
River "whacha doin' mama?" (this is said a minimum of 50,000 times a day)
Rayne " jacket! Jacket! NOOOOOO JuJu! Mommy, Mommy"
JuJu " knock, knock..... who there?"
Skye " Miiinnnneeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As she is running out of my room with another pair of MY shoes or Beau's book!

Today River saw I had a bandaid on, and was so concerned. She told me to "sit you couch" and once I sat next to her, she said "ahhh Mama, hurt! I kiss it make better." And then she kissed my arm, looked up, and said "all better!" It was the cutest, sweetest thing!
Rayne will now sing all the opening songs to her favorite shows. She has the sweetest little voice. But she is obsessed with wearing her jacket EVERYDAY! Or her sweater. It doesn't matter how hot it is, she has to wear one. I mean, a Rockstar has to be accesorized, right? And she will ask you often "what doing?"
JuJu's new think is "knock, knock". She goes up to everything and does this. At least a gazillion times a day! And then tackles you with the biggest hug. It is amazing though to watch how much she is talking now.
Skye asks at least 5 times a day about Noni & Pop-pop. Her and JuJu both kiss & hug the phone when Noni is on the other end.

The girls have also turned going to bed into one of the biggest parties! They will get to playing & laughing so much that one of them will start snorting from laughing so hard. Beau and I are usually laughing at this point too--just don't tell them!


The McNulty Family said...


Thanks for the smile and laughs Misty!

Miss you mama!

Suzanne said...

ha-larious! LOVE IT...and love all the commentary! what a fun (and exhausting) age...can't wait! ;)

The Gerwer Babies said...

I swear those girls are going to be hell on wheels as teenages, FUNNY as all get out but those girls have such great personalities :) LOVE YOU! Play date soon!

Jac Tubre said...

I am so behind in the blog world right now...work is killing me!!

These girls just could not be any cuter...seriously!!!

Have a great day. Much love - Jac

Kelly Trullinger said...

So cute! I'm so far behind...Trying.to.catch.up!! Love you!

Cherie said...

I just had to share this. . .

I was watching this video with my boys in my lap.

When the video started showing your girls playing the piano, my boys starting clapping.

Then all I heard was, "Hi girls! Hi girls!". . .