Monday, May 25, 2009

Just some fun pics!

Just thought I would post some great pics of the girls. They are getting so big!
JuJu with her favorite person! She loves to "walk" now.
Skye marching down the hall, singing whatever the latest favortie tune. She really gets into it as you can see.

I took River to the grocery yesterday and they have little carts for the kids. Well, she LOVED IT! If I even dared to touch the cart an immediate "NO! MOMMY! MINE!" Needless to say, it took a bit longer getting out of there. She so loved it and was so excited. She even found and got some of the things we really needed.... bananas! It is amazing how fast they get so big! Sorry the pics are a bit fuzzy, but they were taken with my phone.


Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Those were some fun pics. I love the little shopping cart; and she was willing to help. That is awesome!

Suzanne said...

LOOOOOOOVe the pics!!! those cute little sassy girls!!!

The McNulty Family said...

They are so beautiful!!


Lani said...

Aw... too precious!