Thursday, May 21, 2009

My Awesome Weekend!

My awesome weekend actually began a day earlier than the Quad Mom getaway. I flew into Tampa to hang out with my best friend Nicole! The two of us can pack more into a 24hr time period than anyone I know. We went to ALL of our old favortie places from when I lived there. (No, I'm not from TX orginally!) One of the fun things was to go and pick up my Mom's artwork that was in a show out there. Mom had come years ago when I lived in Sarasota and talked about how fun it would be to have her work in one of the gallery's in the artist strip. Well, she did it and it was so great to see and be apart of it! I cannot begin to express how wonderful that time was! And my favorite part was getting a massage by Nicole. It was fabulous! If you are in the Palmetto/Bradenton area you have to GO! She owns it and is the best! Tell her I sent you..... Nicole and I have said we will always have to be best friends because we know way too much about the other, but to be honest, it is an honor to be her friend. My life is so rich with her in it. I just wished TX & FL were ALOT closer!
Nicole and my's feet on Longboat Key getting wet. I didn't realize how much I missed the water, the sand, and the sound of the gulf! And just how beautiful the Gulf Coast is!
This is Nicole and her two beautiful children, Taylor & Aiden. She has the most amazingly sweet & funny kids! THanks for sharing your Mom guys!
This is Jac & Casey. (and you can see Suz & Sandra over their shoulders) These are the two masterminds behind the Quad Momma Getaway! They are so amazing! Casey lives near me, so we have met many times. She usually gets all the stuff we have finished with. She is the tiniest, sweetest thing. AND ORGANIZED!!!!! I thought she was going to go crazy with me since I am such a procrastinator and NEVER organized! See, Casey, I DID book my flight and even a few weeks before the trip! Not bad for me...
Jac I have spoken to many times on the phone & email as she also went to the same doctor as me in PHoenix, Dr. Elliot. It was such a pleasure to finally really give that girl a hug!
So, a huge THANK YOU to both of them! The weekend was amazing and I now have 13 new life-long friends who I look forward to seeing again soon! Each one of them are incredible and beautiful. Miss you!

How nice was this to hang by for 3 days? Can you say Heaven? And to know that the babies who were fussy or crying, you weren't responsible for--- quadruple heaven! This was all of us piled into a van-cab for our last night out. It was so much fun! I haven't had that much time out since LONG before the babies were born.
And of course one of the best parts of the trip, coming home to my babies! It is so nice to get away, but I sure did miss them (and their Daddy too!!!!) JuJu missed the photo-shoot. She has the busiest schedule in this house! They have also quickly let me know many of the new tricks they learned while I was gone. That is another post all together. Let's just say, NOTHING is sacred or safe!


Dorinda said...

I'm in Tampa now but I wasn't when you were here - I was in CO :( Would love to have met you in person even if I'm not a quad mom! Guess I should've snuck one more baby in there :)

Lauren said...

Look at all those Hot Quad Mommas! Looks like a fun time!

Kelly Trullinger said...

What a nice post Misty! I'm glad we finally got to meet! It was fun...can't wait till next year! FRIENDS FOR LIFE!!

Ashley said...

Hello! I found you through all the other quad mommas I follow. Just had to say hi. I actually live in Palmetto, FL. It's such a small world!!! Your kids are precious:)

Jac Tubre said...

Great post woman!!!

Thank you so much for all the great advice along the are amazing!!

Much love,

Josh and Teri Duggan said...

Wow to have a "girls" night out is easily done at your house. But to do it with an adult conversation must have been a blast!